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Pedro Giraudo: Córdoba to Köln via New York



Pedro Giraudo by Erin Patrice O’Brien
Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet

Left to right: Nick Danielson, Emilio Teubal, Rodolfo Zanetti, Pedro Giraudo

Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet: Vigor Tanguero

Mr Giraudo’s small ensemble work also goes from strength to strength and this performance is also possibly his finest – one on which he could clearly rest his laurels, should he choose to do so. Mr Giraudo also comes across as a stylistic chameleon, but this is compelling music, and the works – some of which are repeated from the recording with The WDR Big Band – offer much striking originality amid the fond eclecticism as well as the aforementioned “magnificent obsession” with the “tango” form. All of the works – which feature milongas and valses, use outré modernist language, which may owe a great deal to someone like Mr Piazzolla, even whilst dutifully following the form of conventional Argentinian dance forms. But there are also many breaks with the past, including a performance technique employed by the bassist which completely eschews the customary con arco playing in favour of pizzicato (especially in the performance of the tango) almost throughout this performance. The fire of Mr Giraudo’s playing is also reflected in the performances of the other musicians – pianist Emilio Teubal, violinist Nick Danielson and bandoneón-player Rodolfo Zanetti as well.

There’s a simplicity and immediacy to Mr Giraudo’s musical language not that far removed from in character to the sound world explored by the great Mr Piazzolla and this raises also the bar on anything new that may come from the pen of any Argentinian composers coming after Mr Giraudo. This is true not only of Mr Giraudo’s original tangos such as “Con Un Nudo En La Garganta” but also “Desapego” a glorious vals, “La Rabiosa”, a chacarera and of course “A Campo Abierto” which is a vidala – all of which are performed with brilliance and fervour by this extraordinary quartet. It is also significant that the works one hears on The WDR Big Band disc – such as “Chicharrita” and others – become more intimate and also wholly new in this presentation, particularly when they have been projected with such eloquence by Mr Teubal, Mr Zanetti and Mr Danielson, all of whom are completely in tune with Mr Giraudo’s unique artistry and vision.

Track list – 1: Vorágine (milonga); 2: Entre Bambalinas (vals); 3: Con Un Nudo En La Garganta (tango); 4: Chicharrita (milonga); 5: A Octavio Brunetti (tango); 6: Desavenencias (vals); 7: La Rabiosa (chacarera); 8: Lapidario (tango); 9: Desapego (vals); 10: A Campo Abierto (vidala)

Personnel – Nick Danielson: violin; Rodolfo Zanetti: bandoneón; Emilio Teubal: piano; Pedro Giraudo: contrabass

Released – 2018
Label – ZOHO Music
Runtime – 42:20

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Based in Milton, Ontario, Canada, Raul is a poet, musician and an accomplished critic whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep understanding of music, technically as well as historically.

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