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2013 Grammy Nominees: Best Latin Jazz Album



The 55th Annual Grammy Awards will be held on February 10, 2013, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. After a long battle to have reinstated the “Best Latin Jazz Album” category -which had been wrongly and arbitrarily eliminated- it was re-introduced this year. Five great albums -a good representation of the genre- were selected, and one of them will get the coveted prize. Here they are.

Chano Dominguez - Flamenco Sketches

Flamenco Sketches – Chano Domínguez
Label: Blue Note

Chano Domínguez, the great pianist Chano Domínguez, found the most perfect way to return the favour to the great trumpeter, Miles Davis for paying homage to the music of Spain and Mr. Domínguez does so in a perfectly performed and recorded album, Flamenco Sketches. The pianist never fails to perform at the peak of his powers and if it is possible to exceed that perfection then it is here on this amazing record… Read our full review.

The Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band - Ritmo

¡Ritmo! –The Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band
Label: Clare Fischer Productions/Clavo Records

Here is a truly special compendium of charts that pays homage to the human flow of sound and silence while employing in a most ingenious manner all of the elements, such as accent, meter and tempo—which relate to the forward movement of music—as few other Big Bands can compare in style and substance. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has two interesting explanations or meanings of the word, “rhythm…” Read our full review.

Bobby Sanabria Big Band - Multiverse

Multiverse – Bobby Sanabria Big Band
Label: Jazzheads

There are few drummers today who have as much energy and imagination as Bobby Sanabria. He is a percussion colourist of the highest order and his palette is so wide as to encompass all manner of media and idioms—from the iridescent swagger of swing to the spirited canter of the Afro-Caribbean shuffle. His playing is loud and fearless, yet he can be soft and sensuous when the music demands it. He is all of these things on Multiverse… Read our full review.

Luciana Souza - Duos III

Duos III – Luciana Souza
Label: Sunnyside Records

When Luciana Souza sings, it is possible to experience everything from the elemental ache of the ache of a proverbial knife plunged into the heart to the soaring ecstasy of a soul soaring free and every feeling and emotion in between. Luciana Souza’s voice is that pure and in touch with the very neurons that send tender messages to the heart and the soul. Few vocalists can create the duende of deep song so effectively as Ms. Souza… Read our full review.

Manuel Valera - New Cuban Express

New Cuban Express – Manuel Valera New Cuban Express
Label: Mavo Records

This album, New Cuban Express is Cuban-American pianist, Manuel Valera’s attempt to redefine his relationship with Cuban music including the classic Cuban son and bolero as well as the more popular danzón and rhumba. As a matter of fact, all the music that the pianist has composed for this performance is infused with the spectacular energy and emotion of those forms and is re-imagined in the rhythmic realm of more contemporary music… Read our full review.

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