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Gabriel Chakarji: Enredadera

Young pianist and Latin Grammy nominee Gabriel Chakarji announces his first single "Enredadera" featuring his trio with Edward Perez on bass and Jongkuk Kim...
Artist Profile - César Orozco

Artist Profile: César Orozco

“César Orozco manages to make the best combination between Cuban, Jazz and Venezuelan music I ever heard”. Paquito D’Rivera César Orozco is a prolific Cuban/Venezuelan pianist,...
One on One with Marlon Simon

One on One with Drummer, Composer, Educator Marlon Simon

DN: Hi Marlon, welcome back to the musical scene, we at latinjazznet.com are very excited about...
Marlon Simon

Artist Profile: Marlon Simon

Marlon Simon is the oldest in the latest generation of three musicians bearing the illustrious “Simon”...
Otmaro Ruiz

Artist Profile: Otmaro Ruiz

Otmaro Ruiz, venezuelan pianist, composer, is considered one of the most important jazz pianists in the current scene. Ruiz is known for his versatility...

Artist Profile: Leo Blanco

Venezuelan Pianist, Composer, Educator, Leo Blanco A description of Leo Blanco would be incomplete if one were to label him as only a pianist. On...

Luisito Quintero: 3rd Element

The incidence of percussionists playing music is far greater than musicians who happen to be percussionists. Luisito Quintero falls into the latter category. Luisito Quintero was born in Caracas...

Barquisimeto International JazzFest 2013

Venezuela will host another edition of the Barquisimeto International Jazz Festival. The city of Barquisimeto, province of Lara, will celebrate the eighth edition of...

Barquisimeto International Jazzfest 2011

The first week of October, Venezuela will celebrate one of the most prestigious festivals in their country, Barquisimeto International Jazz Festival 2011. The city of Barquisimeto, province of Lara (Venezuela), will again be the centre of cultural musical and pedagogical events with the sixth edition of this festival. The foundation, which has the same name as the festival, will offer jazz lovers a great list of artists who will participate in concerts, lectures [...]
Otmaro Ruiz - Sojourn

Otmaro Ruiz Presents Sojourn

The Chambers Dictionary describes the word “sojourn” as “a temporary residence or stay, as of one in a foreign land.” Pianist, Otmaro Ruiz’s musical journey offers all the right cues for his Sojourn being so apt to document, because even though it gets somewhat personal at times, it is one that is memorable for anyone interested in taking the journey with him [...]