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Miguel de León: Malandro

We have always known that Miguel de León can sing with equal facility in both Spanish and...
Hermeto Pascoal - Hermeto's Universe

The Norwegian Wind Ensemble conducted by Steffen Schorn, featuring Hermeto Pascoal, Marcio Bahia &...

In matters of art – poetry, drama, music and painting – the “timelessness” of the art in...
Hermeto Pascoal

Steffen Schorn directs the NWE with Hermeto Pascoal

Steffen Schorn directs the Norwegian Wind Ensemble with Hermeto Pascoal, Marcio Bahia & Roger Hanschel on New Album: Hermeto's Universe For several decades now, Hermeto...
Casa de Bituca - Hamilton de Holanda Quintet

Hamilton de Holanda Quintet: Casa de Bituca

Idolising its heroes is nothing new in a country like Brasil that has been blessed seemingly with more of them than those in almost...

Hamilton de Holanda Quintet: Brasilianos 2

The mandolin has barely evolved since its incarnation as a lute in Italy over three hundred years ago. A few more strings may have been added, so that there is now a ten-stringed version; tuning of these strings may have become more creative and different, but the instrument has remained essentially the same. Unlike the violin, its notes decay quicker after they are sounded and cannot usually be sustained after a point. But then you have musicians [...]

Daniel Santiago – Metropole (Adventure Music 2009)

Daniel Santiago comes from a long and continuing line of renowned Brasilian guitarists. He has a lively and probing mind and the language of his guitar resonates with sparkling phrases, unusual syntax and an almost full-formed musical ideology. On Metropole, a thoughtful, questioning record, Santiago employs the distinct nature of being “Brasileiro” to explore his environment [...]