Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Aruán Ortíz with Andrew Cyrille and Mauricio Herrera - Inside Rhythmic Falls

Aruán Ortíz with Andrew Cyrille and Mauricio Herrera: Inside Rhythmic Falls

The culture of the Caribbean – entrenched, as it is in the indigenous populations of the various...
Aruán Ortiz - Cubanism Piano Solo

Aruán Ortiz Presents: Cub(an)ism

This record, Cub(an)ism by Aruán Ortiz is a mighty sojourn and follows a somewhat wayward hurricane-like path covering many continents. But if a survey...

Chico Freeman & Heiri Känzig: The Arrival

It is difficult to speak of Chico Freeman in the same terms as you would another saxophonist playing today. He has a heritage that...