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Fidel Morales: “Omío” (Omío Music World)

Review by Guest Author Luis Tamargo Former senior editor of Latin Beat Magazine and music historian Consisting mostly of originals, the most recent self-production of the...
Rumbajazz - Tribute to Chombo Silva

Rumbajazz: Tribute to Chombo Silva

Chombo Silva performed in the legendary Cuban Jam Sessions and shared the stage with Machito, Ray Barretto, Johnny Pacheco, the Alegre-All Stars, Charlie Palmieri,...

Paoli Mejias – De Jazzambia A Mi Tambor – El Concierto

Master percussionist Paoli Mejias belongs to a generation of artists who are redefining puertoricanness in musical terms with their artistry. Mixing diverse Afro-Caribbean styles with global rhythms, based upon traditional/popular puertorican music, bomba, plena, aguinaldo, and holding it all together within the realm of modern jazz, Paoli is at the forefront of creation of an exciting, recognizable sound. While watching this concert, "Paoli Mejias de Jazzambia [...]

Paoli Mejias: Jazzambia

On this earthy and emotionally charged record, Jazzambia (2008), percussionist Paoli Mejias may appear to be showcasing his skills, but in actual fact, he is doing much more than that. He is actually setting out to draw a not-so-tenuous rhythmic line between the music of Africa and of Puerto Rico. In his own very personal vision of Puerto Rico the glue that binds this is European [...]