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Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet: The Rhythm of Invention

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet: The Rhythm of Invention

To the unsuspecting ear, this album The Rhythm of Invention from the Wayne Wallace Quintet (plus) might seem like just another Latin-Jazz recording, but...

LJN and JDP in The New York Times

In The News: Giovanni Russonello interviews Tomas Peña (Editor for Latin Jazz Network and JazzDeLaPena) for the New York Times, regarding the 59th Annual...

La Orquesta Sinfonietta: Canto América

For a long time it has been said – repeatedly and by some ethnomusicologists – that the Afro-Caribbean and Afro-American music not only developed...

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet: Intercambio

Wayne Wallace has accomplished more than most musicians do in a lifetime. He has done so not merely because as a musician he is...

Jamie Dubberly & Orquesta Dharma: La Clave del Gumbo

The title of this fantastic and intoxicating album is a dead giveaway. La Clave del Gumbo bestraddles the two not-so-disparate worlds of Cuba...

Ritmos Unidos: Ritmos Unidos

Patois Records is fast becoming the go-to label for things musically superior in the realm of Afro-Caribbean music. It is hard to find fault...

The Debut Album of Mitch Shiner and the BloomingTones Big Band: Fly!

As soon as I played the first track on Mr. Shiner and the BloomingTones Big Band ´s debut album, I was astonished by the...

Salsa de la Bahia – Vol. 2, Hoy Y Ayer

Wayne Wallace and the folks at Patois Records have continued where they left off in 2013 with another equally exciting second instalment to...

Best Latin Jazz Albums of 2013 – Part II

First of all my apologies for taking so long to publish the second part of my Best Latin Jazz Albums of 2013. Some of...

Salsa de la Bahia Vol. 1 – A Collection of SF Bay Area Salsa...

There is a staggering array of exquisite music on Salsa de la Bahia Vol. 1, which is unlike other compilations featuring various artists. There...

Wayne Wallace Quintet’s Latin Jazz/Jazz Latin

For the Latin jazz scene it is a pleasure to have a new piece from the brilliant composer and musician Wayne Wallace. This time...

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet Releases New Album

Five-Time Grammy Nominee Trombonist/Composer Wayne Wallace Revamps Traditional Cuban and Caribbean Sounds with Latin Jazz/Jazz Latin Featuring Percussion Greats Pete Escovedo and Michael Spiro...

Pete Escovedo – Live from Stern Grove Festival

“What’s up, San Francisco? Are you ready to have a good time?” asks timbales player and band leader Pete Escovedo at the beginning of...

More Noteworthy Recordings of 2011

Most fans, even aficionados of contemporary music, still only vaguely know the great trumpeter Claudio Roditi as the “Brazilian who joined Arturo Sandoval in Dizzy Gillespie’s United Nations Orchestra”. It is a pity that Roditi’s musical reputation rests on so narrow a spectrum in his enormous musical career. Few know, for instance, that Roditi was one of the first Brazilian musicians to relocate in the United States of America: in 1970 as a matter of fact [...]

Anna Estrada – Obsesión (Feral Flight Productions 2009)

When Elis Regina died, most Brasilians thought that the vacuum created by her loss could not be filled. Then along came Rosa Passos… and Anna Estrada. The two vocalists do not jostle for position in the vacant slot that Regina left behind. However, both fill it individually with the extraordinary breath and scope of their talent. Passos stays within the Brasilian ethos more often than not [...]

Kristina – Offshore Echoes (Patois Records 2009)

A female vocalist with a low vocal spectrum is not supposed to sound as joyful as Kristina does on Offshore Echoes. And she sounds joyful no matter what she sings. Many singers would sound solemn. However, Kristina, being the wonderful practitioner of the vocal arts that she is gives a fine account of herself. Not only is she a versatile vocalist [...]
Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet - Bien Bien

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet: Bien Bien!

The music with clave that began with Machito's "Tanga," and George Russell's "Cubana-Be Cubana-Bop" has come a long way. With clave in his soul, trombonist Wayne Wallace proves yet again on his record Bien Bien! that the cheer of the music is truly infectious. Wallace is rare among musicians who can "swing" as well as he can "clave." He has that and all kinds of shuffle [...]

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet – Infinity (Patois Records 2008)

The attempt to make a thoughtful album and one that is supremely entertaining and musically superlative is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks that a musician can undertake. To find this in an album is rare and that is what makes Infinity by the Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet so much of an event that just cannot be ignored [...]