Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Mafalda Minnozzi - Sensorial - Portraits in Bossa & Jazz

Mafalda Minnozzi: Sensorial [Portraits in Bossa and Jazz]

Editor's Pick · Featured Album It is rare – very rare indeed – that a foreigner singing Brasilian music in the native Portuguese language could...
Mafalda Minnozzi and her band

Mafalda Minnozzi to Release “Sensorial – Portraits in Bossa & Jazz”

Celebrated vocalist Mafalda Minnozzi weaves jazz improvisation and Italian romanticism with timeless Bossa roots on Sensorial – Portraits in Bossa & Jazz Full length album,...

Papo Vázquez Mighty Pirates Troubadours: Spirit Warrior

Trombonist Papo Vázquez is the mightiest of the Mighty Pirates Troubadours. His sound is bold; his tone is brazen and ground out as if from a mill...