Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Valeria Matzner

Singer-Songwriter Valeria Matzner To Release New Album: Anima

Telling a Gentler Story: Grunge-Born, Jazz-Inspired Singer-Songwriter Valeria Matzner Finds the Tender Side of her South American Soul on Anima Uruguayan-born singer-songwriter Valeria Matzner walked...

Florencia González: Between Loves

The long-held view that Florencia González is a woman of substance—a magnificent composer and arranger—were proven combined by startling conducting and leadership, when she...

Nando Michelin – Reencontro (Self Produced – 2010)

In one of those eternal conundrums in the life of an artist, while Nando Michelin gets plenty of recognition he is relatively little known outside the small coterie of musicians who have taken the proverbial creative leap and transcended cultural boundaries. To be as little known as Michelin in outside intellectual circles is a pathetic fallacy. This is no fault of Michelin of course [...]