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Tito Puente: The Best of the Concord Years

Tito Puente: The Best of the Concord Years

Producing a compilation of the music of someone like Tito Puente is no easy task. With scores of recordings where do you start? What...
Tito Puente by Mike Albans - Associated Press

Tito Puente Retrospective Full Schedule

Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture announces complete schedule, artistic personnel and activities for Tito Puente: A Fifty-Year Retrospective of ‘El Rey’ The first ever...
Tito Puente by Mike Albans - Associated Press

Tito Puente: Fifty-Year Retrospective

Tito Puente Retrospective - 50 Years of ‘El Rey' The first ever multi-day comprehensive examination of the career of one of the most important figures...

Ray Obiedo: Latin Jazz Project Vol. 1

The influence of Latin-American music has permeated deep into the fabric of Ray Obiedo’s music as it has done many musicians across the US....
Tito Puente

Tito Puente: Mambo Diablo – His World Through the Eyes of Joe Conzo

It was Bobby Sanabria who made what is probably the most authentic observation about Tito Puente and his contribution to music. Mr Sanabria said,...

Hilton Ruiz: Heroes

Although the extraordinary pianist Hilton Ruiz made many superb recordings in his short career, none is more iconic than Heroes and it is not...

The Music of Puente, Machito & Henriquez

Featuring Music Director and Bassist Carlos Henriquez and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with special guests George Delgado, José Madera, Pete Nater and Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez Jazz...

Yolanda Duke: Te Llevo Bajo la Piel

This recording Te Llevo Bajo le Piel brings together the last orchestra of the great Tito Puente waxing eloquent behind one of the El...

Jazz Flutist And Grammy Winner Dave Valentin

Jazz flutist Dave Valentin (born April 29, 1952, in New York City) was hospitalized on March 3, 2012, after suffering a stroke during a performance at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis...

2013: The Year In Music, A Recap by Tomas Peña – From NYC

2013 was a remarkably good year for the New York music scene and a particularly good year for Cuban music. Producer Dita Sullivan presented an intriguing (never before seen) Cuban Drum Series at the Jazz Standard...

Tito Puente: Quatro – The Definitive Collection

Tito Puente, “El Rey del timbal” was almost singlehandedly responsible for bringing Cuban son, mambo and cha-cha-cha into the ballrooms and...

Tito Puente Quatro – The Definitive Collection

“There are two periods in Latin music and jazz: before Puente and after Puente.” -- Bobby Sanabria Tito Puente Quattro – The Definitive Collection Honors...

Edy Martínez, the Music Architect Behind the Piano

If you go to New York City and ask any Latin jazz legend about Edy Martínez they will tell you about him. Edy Martínez is a Colombian...

Chico & Rita – Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal – TIFF 2010

Chico & Rita - Animated movie by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal - 2010 Toronto International Film Festival A seemingly ordinary, but tormented love story...