Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Theo Croker: Afro-Physicist

Theo Croker is the epitome of the sound of surprise. He comes suddenly from behind and sideways - never from the front - seizing...
Christian Scott, Stefon Harris, David Sanchez - Ninety Miles

Ninety Miles Live At Cubadisco

Perhaps better than any politician or diplomat, musicians - especially jazz musicians, whose craft is in many ways an improvised form of communication -...

Meeco – Beauty Of The Night (Connector Records 2012)

The extraordinary songwriter and producer, Meeco’s new album, Beauty Of The Night comes with a hidden cautionary note which is not visible or audible until the first strains of the music is heard: It is an elementally sad album and a box of Kleenex may be de rigueur. However, this is not to say that the album is not beautiful. After all, in immense sadness there is beauty as well. Meeco should know this. He is smitten with things Brazilian [...]