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Bill O’Connell and The Afro-Caribbean Ensemble: Wind Off the Hudson

Devotees of the incredible vivacity of Afro-Caribbean music will be spoiled for choice of a favourite moment (or moments) on this inspired 2019 release...
Bill O'Connell: Jazz Latin

Bill O’Connell: Jazz Latin

This album Jazz Latin by Bill O’Connell is – as always - like an elegant railway system linking the myriad elements of Jazz, with...
Bill O’Connell

Artist Profile: Bill O’Connell

After a 40-year long career that has seen him excel as a leader, soloist, arranger, musical director, and accompanist for some of the most...
Ray Mantilla: High Voltage

Ray Mantilla Presents: High Voltage

In 1932, Duke Ellington wrote one of the most famous songs, one that has not only endured for decades but might also be held...
Bill O'Connell - Monk's Cha Cha

Bill O’Connell: Monk’s Cha Cha

In the perennial debate over which version of piano music is more important: solo or ensemble, studio or live, Bill O'Connell hitherto left no...

Bill O’Connell and the Latin Jazz All-Stars: Heart Beat

Through the years Bill O'Connell reading of Latin-Jazz has been characterised as music that is typically measured and full-bodied, freighted with meaning. This recording...

Sammy Figueroa: Imaginary World

If you are one among the group who considers Sammy Figueroa to be a percussionist’s percussionist you might as well count yourself in a...
Bill O'Connell & The Latin Jazz All-Stars - Imagine

Bill O’Connell Latin Jazz All-Stars: Imagine

Bill O’Connell is a fine pianist. He is underrated and seems to dwell in the shadows of New York musicians with a higher profile than his. Many of these so-called high profilers may be, in fact, far less talented than Mr. O’Connell. He is blessed with ...

Sammy Figueroa & Glaucia Nasser: Talisman

It is not unusual today for the music of any idiom to collide with another and produce a seismic event in both idioms. Music...

Sammy Figueroa, Glaucia Nasser: “Talisman”

Lucky Charm: Sammy Figueroa and Glaucia Nasser Bring Brazilian Song and Latin Jazz Together in a Beautiful Accident on 'Talisman' With special guests Bianca Gismonti...

Ray Mantilla – The Connection

Ray Mantilla may be better remembered for his being one of the founding members of Max Roach’s legendary drum ensemble, M’Boom, but in reality...

Bill O’Connell Latin Jazz All-Stars: Zócalo

There are so many reasons why Bill O’Connell’s record, Zócalo recommends itself. The title is charming. The ensemble on the date is what might...