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Cristina Morrison: Impredecible (Voces de Mujer)

When Cristina Morrison released Baronesa she may have been considered an vocal artist of boundless promise, but since then and with the advent of...
Cristina Morrison

Cristina Morrison New Release: Impredecible – Voces de Mujer

Singer/Actress Cristina Morrison Highly Anticipated New Release IMPREDECIBLE - VOCES DE MUJER Lena Burke, Mirella Cesa, Magos Herrera, Barbara Mendes and Consuelo Vargas Miami - May...

Afro Bop Alliance Big Band: Revelation

Editor's Pick · Album of the Month · The relatively small, yet deeply rewarding output of the Afro Bop Alliance Big Band is skillfully wrought,...

Hector Martignon’s Banda Grande: The Big Band Theory

Editor's Pick · Album of the Month · Big Bands are an endangered species. So it is with great excitement that one welcomes Hector Martignon’s...

The Rodriguez Brothers: Impromptu

Few sets of brothers (as far as sisters go there is always the Labèque sisters) have such surprising material up their sleeves as The...

Samuel Torres Group: Forced Displacement

Drums. They were not quite the first instrument, but even so much as a scatological suggestion of sound can quicken the blood; and their...

Helen Sung: Anthem for a New Day

Helen Sung’s pianism is informed by elegance and an intellect that goes far beyond her young years. Both qualities cannot be learnt. The former...
Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra - The Offense of the Drum

Arturo O’Farrill and ALJO: The Offense of the Drum

It has been authoritatively stated that Chico O’Farrill was one of the most important composers and big band arrangers and conductors in the idioms...

Helen Sung Sextet Live At Jazz Standard

Celebrating the release of Anthem for a New Day (Concord, 2014) - Report from New York by Tomas Peña In spite of the frigid temperatures and...

Sofia Rei – De Tierra y Oro

Exquisite music with South American folk influences, mixed with jazz sounds, and wrapped in the powerful voice and tonal beauty of Sofia Rei, that’s...

Gabriel Guerrero – Feyas

Gabriel Guerrero is blest with a masterful musical intellect. This enables him to form gorgeous melodic ideas that seemingly appear out of nowhere to captivate the heart and mind of...

Catching Up with Percussionist, Composer, Arranger Samuel Torres

My grandfather, Manuel Martinez was a trombone player. He came from a small town in southern Colombia near Ecuador. At the age of fourteen he escaped from the Ecuadorian army and he traveled throughout the Caribbean during the 1930s and 1940s. Before returning to Colombia he picked up a lot of musical influences. My grandmother was a self-taught musician and my uncle, Francisco Martinez, who is the father of (pianist, composer, arranger) Edy Martinez [...]

Nelson Riveros – Camino al Barrio (Self Produced – 2010)

Nelson Riveros is one of the most proficient melodic guitarists inhabiting the world of music today. On top of that he is artful rhythmically....

Hector Martignon: Second Chance

In a literal world the music on Second Chance would simply represent “B” sides of music that pianist, Hector Martignon has played in the past. In reality they are anything but that. It is here that Martignon has provided wicked twists to all the music he has played before—he uses the term “devilish,” which in Spanish is a word fraught with meaning. The word diabólico might be infinitely more appropriate as it has fangs and breathes a fire [...]

Samuel Torres – Yaoundé (Self Produced – 2010)

For the spirits to materialise when they are summoned in worship the practice of the worship must reach a level of intensity—get to the blue part of the flame, so to speak—and arouse the angels and God as well to come down and bless the worshippers a million-fold. When David played his harp, so intense was his music that Samuel was inspired to anoint him King. Now it is the turn of another Samuel, not to anoint, but to call up the angels and saints [...]

Ernesto Simpson All-Star Band and Yosvany Terry by Martin Cohen

"On October 18, 2009 renowned drummer, Ernesto Simpson brought an all-star band to my home on to perform a composition of his and Manuel Valera's. With him for this date were Samuel Torres, conga; Yosvany Terry, soprano sax; Osmany Paredes, keyboard and Yunior Terry, bass." Martin Cohen