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Marlon Simon: Rumba a la Patato

Marlon Simon: Rumba a la Patato

There are many reasons why it is a remarkable travesty of justice that the celebrated Venezuelan drummer and percussionist, Marlon Simon, has had to...
Mike Freeman ZonaVibe: Venetian Blinds

Mike Freeman ZonaVibe: Venetian Blinds

Mike Freeman and ZonaVibe pay wonderful homage to two of great vibraphone masters of musicians on Venetian Blinds; Tito Puente and Bobby Hutcherson. Tongue...
Dongfeng Liu: China Caribe

Dongfeng Liu: China Caribe

We are very familiar with the slew of prodigiously gifted Chinese pianists (and other instrumentalists) who have become renowned all over the world for...
Dongfeng Liu

Dongfeng Liu to Release “China Caribe” on Zoho Music

Rare is the occasion when an artist arrives on the scene who fundamentally reawakens your understanding not just of music but world history, common...

Richard Bona Releases New CD: “Heritage”

Richard Bona: Fans call him “The African Sting,” critics call him a pro, but it’s his unique and electrifying style of connecting with his...

Hector Martignon’s Banda Grande: The Big Band Theory

Editor's Pick · Album of the Month · Big Bands are an endangered species. So it is with great excitement that one welcomes Hector Martignon’s...

Truth Revolution Records Presents Ralph Irizarry & Timbalaye 20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary by Ralph Irizarry Street Date: October 5, 2015 “His style on the instrument is inventive, engaging, and musical, with flawless technique to spare. Irizarry...

Ola Fresca: Elixir

Jose Conde is a musician whom I have grown to admire recently. However, such repertoire, so close to traditional forms of Afro-Cuban music is...

Chris Washburne & Syotos: Low Ridin’

This has to be the most hip album since “Low Ridin’” was first invented in the 50’s hydraulics and all. The fact that it...

Papo Vázquez Mighty Pirates Troubadours: Spirit Warrior

Trombonist Papo Vázquez is the mightiest of the Mighty Pirates Troubadours. His sound is bold; his tone is brazen and ground out as if from a mill...

Luisito Quintero: 3rd Element

The incidence of percussionists playing music is far greater than musicians who happen to be percussionists. Luisito Quintero falls into the latter category. Luisito Quintero was born in Caracas...

Afro Bop Alliance: Angel Eyes

The joi de vivre is palpable, though not unexpected, from the opening notes of Afro Bop Alliance's Angel Eyes. But something is different now....

Juan García-Herreros – The Snow Owl: Normas

It is apocryphal that you can take the Colombian out of the Cumbia, but you can never take the Cumbia out of the Colombian....

Pete Rodriguez: Caminando con Papi

It is probably unfair to compare the younger Pete Rodriguez to his father Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez, who was a fascinating figure in another...

AfroBop Alliance: Una Más

There is a sensuous, almost bordering on lustful, quality to the music on Una Más by the big band, AfroBop Alliance. Not that it is a bad thing at all; quite the contrary, the viscosity of the music is a result of the molten mix of bronzed horns and beautifully clouded woodwinds with elementally raw drums and percussion. The result is a saffron-coloured paella of swirling contra-danzas and soaring son-montuno and on event, a wistful bolero [...]

Michael Simon: New York Encounter

It is not obvious that Michael Simon is a native of Venezuela, who owes as much to that tradition as he does to the...