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Paul Austerlitz: Water Prayers for Bass Clarinet

The Jazz history of the bass clarinet has not had a musician like Paul Austerlitz since the great Eric Dolphy put his remarkable and...

The Paul Austerlitz Quartet – Live at The Stone

THE PAUL AUSTERLITZ QUARTET LIVE AT THE STONE, NEW YORK CITY SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2011 Performance Review by Tomas Peña On Sunday March 29, Paul Austerlitz and his...

Paul Austerlitz – Journey (Innova Recordings – 2008)

There is very little precedence for Journey, a work of striking newness and dazzling virtuosity, by the reeds player, Paul Austerlitz. First of all it occupies a rather narrow stream in Afro-Caribbean music—Dominican music of African origin—and secondly it is largely played on reeds of the very lowest register—only the great Anthony Braxton ventures there. It combines Yoruba chants with African and jazz musical idioms [...]