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Omar Sosa & NDR Big Band: es:sensual

Omar Sosa & NDR Big Band: es:sensual

Everything about the music of Omar Sosa seems not only to say that “Tradition is a wonderful reality,” but also something else: “not understanding...
Omar Sosa, Seckou Keita, Gustavo Ovalles

Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita with Gustavo Ovalles – Québec Tour

For more than 20 years now, Omar Sosa – Cuban composer and pianist and seven-time Grammy nominee – is constantly expanding his exciting discography. Transparent Water, released...
Omar Sosa | Yilian Cañizares: Aguas

Omar Sosa, Yilian Cañizares: Aguas

Omar Sosa and Yilian Cañizares are both astonishingly gifted musicians whose reputations have been somewhat eclipsed (grossly unfairly, one might add) by those instrumentalists...
Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares

Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares To Release New Album: “Aguas”

Pianist Omar Sosa and violinist-vocalist Yilian Cañizares have come together to create Aguas, a beautiful and very personal album. Featuring their compatriot, percussionist Inor...
Omar Sosa at SFJAZZ Center

Omar Sosa @ SFJAZZ Center

Special 4-Night Residency - Omar Sosa @ SFJAZZ Center April 20 - 23, 2017 When Omar Sosa talks about his formative influences, he always starts with...

Omar Sosa’s Quarteto Afrocubano at the Blue Note

Blue Note NYC: Omar Sosa's Quarteto Afrocubano Thursday thru Sunday, March 31-April 3, 2016 Quarteto AfroCubano marks a homecoming for Omar to the influences of his...

Cuban Roots – Conversation With Mark Weinstein

Essential Albums: Mark Weinstein's Cuban Roots and Cuban Roots Revisited The following is an excerpt from an interview I conducted with Mark Weinstein in 2006....

Pancho Quinto: Rumba Sin Fronteras

Few drummers have had such a profound effect on Cuban music as Pancho Quinto. Superlatives are often risqué in music, but suffice it to...

Hamilton de Holanda: World of Pixinguinha

With a mandolin player such as Hamilton de Holanda doing such wondrous things with Pixinguinha, you might be forgiven for thinking that the guitar...

Omar Sosa Quarteto Afrocubano at BRIC

Cuban composer/pianist/bandleader Omar Sosa brings his signature style that mixes jazz influences with Latin rhythms, North African percussion, and spoken word to BRIC House...

Omar Sosa Quarteto AfroCubano &…: Ilé

"Ilé" couldn’t be more appropriate a name for pianist Omar Sosa’s collection of compositions that oftentimes mine the more celestial aspects of...

Omar Sosa Quarteto AfroCubano New Album: “Ilé”

Since he emigrated from Cuba in 1993, Omar Sosa has forged a distinctive musical path, fusing an array of jazz, world music, hip-hop, and...

Omar Sosa Live At The Blue Note

Composer, pianist, bandleader Omar Sosa has a gift for transforming a performance into an event. He and his Afro Cuban Quartet demonstrated as much...

Omar Sosa: Senses

Omar Sosa has not sounded so melancholy, so soulful and so spiritual than he does on Senses, a solo piano record that he has...

2013: The Year In Music, A Recap by Tomas Peña – From NYC

2013 was a remarkably good year for the New York music scene and a particularly good year for Cuban music. Producer Dita Sullivan presented an intriguing (never before seen) Cuban Drum Series at the Jazz Standard...

Omar Sosa – Eggun: The Afri-Lectric Experience

Omar Sosa is an extraordinary musician embodying both the magical virtuosity of musicianship and its soulful roots all in one. Actually one could not...

Enrique Fernandez – Cantos del Sexto Sol (Round Whirled 2011)

There is a visceral intensity to Cantos Del Sexto Col, the fiery album by reeds and woodwinds maestro Enrique Fernandez. This comes from the ferocious viscosity that swirls and swaggers in what appears to be a myriad of layers of sounds emerging from the instruments he plays, seemingly all at once. Each is annunciated with an apocalyptic shout and all meld with molten splendour into a soup of idiomatic musical dialects—spiritual and profane [...]

Noteworthy Recordings of 2011

This is the recording that Maraca’s fans have been waiting for. Recorded live at the Grand Theater in Havana, Cuba (2010), it presents Maraca’s collaboration with the Havana Chamber Orchestra and includes standout contributions from pianist Harold Lopez-Nussa, Japanese violinist Sayaka, saxophonist David Sanchez, drummer Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo and others. The recording takes the listener on a musical journey [...]

Omar Sosa – Calma: Solo Piano &… (Otá Records – 2011)

If anything, Omar Sosa has always been a spiritual artist. Connected for generations with the practice of Santería, Sosa was surrounded by the worship together with a communion of saints, but in a truly Afro-centric manner. The particularly molten staccato of the batá drums has held sway in the melodic rhythms of his music. In fact, some of his finest earlier work has burst forth as out of a spiritual vortex shuffling with forthright swagger, churning in [...]
Omar Sosa & NDR Bigband - Ceremony

Omar Sosa & NDR Big Band: Ceremony

Omar Sosa inhabits two worlds. One in which all humans live and the other is the spirit world. On Ceremony (Music arranged by Jaques Morelenbaum) a record that he made with the NDR Big Band, he has opened the door to both worlds. Moreover, with Jaques Morelenbaum’s masterful arrangements of his (Sosa’s) music these worlds are that much closer. Sosa has been crossing the threshold between this world and the spirit one [...]