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Carlos Barbosa-Lima: Delicado

In Brasil, a country in which its musicians are almost as famous as its footballers, the name of Carlos Barbosa-Lima is uttered in reverential...

Carlos Barbosa-Lima Releases New Album: “Delicado”

From Ipanema Beach to Corcovado mountain, the natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro is self-evident. It’s almost as if the postcard itself was invented...

Trio da Paz: 30

This is the quintessential Brasilian trio, a power trio if ever there was one, featuring Romero Lubambo, Nilson Matta and Duduka Da Fonseca. The...

Paquito D’Rivera: Tico Tico

Nothing – and I mean nothing; no track list and probably no ensemble either – is more suitable to the emotional intimacy and urgency...

Nilson Matta: East Side Rio Drive

feel•ing (fee-ling): a function or the power of perceiving by touch. A particular sensation of this kind: a feeling of warmth. The general state of consciousness considered independently of...

Romero Lubambo: Só—Brasilian Essence

Solo instrumental performances can be solitary pursuits, but not for Romero Lubambo and here is why. More than most guitarists, Mr. Lubambo has an...

Nilson Matta’s Black Orpheus

Of the many mesmerising narratives of Orpheus and Eurydice—both classical and modern—one of the finest is contained in the dramatic re-setting of the myth...

Steve Turre – Woody`s Delight

Few trombone players in Steve Turre’s generation have pushed the boundaries of their instrument further than he has. Born of the blue, hard bopping...

Brazilian Trio – Constelação

The art of the Brazilian Trio is defined by the superlative musicality of the players that comprise it: by the delicate trellis work of...

Brazilian Trio – Constelação

Brazilian Trio is a masterful amalgamation of musician/composer/arranger friends dedicated to perpetuating the artful blend of Brazilian classical...

Mark Weinstein: Jazz Brasil (Jazzheads – 2010)

Mark Weinstein has quietly established himself as one of the most wildly inventive flutists in modern memory. He is also one of the finest...

Nilson Matta’s Brazilian Voyage – Copacabana (Zoho Music)

How it is possible that Nilson Matta is allowed to fly so under the proverbial radar, with recognition mainly from his peers is one...

Mark Weinstein – Lua e Sol (Jazzheads Records 2008)

The amazing thing about Lua e Sol the new record by Mark Weinstein, is that might easily have passed like a ship in the night. It if did, it would appear to be a case of history repeating itself, for his historic recording, Cuban Roots (Catalogue Music, 1967) was similarly treated - almost as if it did not matter, when in fact it was one of the earliest and most important records [...]