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Remembering Jerry González on his 70th Birthday

Not long ago, I was interviewing two important contributors to the world of American music and letters – Eddie Palmieri and the other was...

The Offense of the Drum Wins Grammy

Harlem, NY -- Tuesday, February 10, 2015 -- The Afro Latin Jazz Alliance is thrilled to announce the GRAMMY® win for Arturo O'Farrill and...

Jerry González and Miguel Blanco Big Band: Tribute to the Fort Apache Band

Jerry Gonzalez’s Fort Apache Band was probably one of the last, most iconic ensembles to come out of New York, via the ether of Puerto Rico. Few bands would boast the fire of a trumpet cast...

A Tribute to the Fort Apache Band

Jerry González & Miguel Blanco Big Band A Tribute to the Fort Apache Band A myth among us. A historic recording. JERRY GONZÁLEZ is a living legend,...
Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra - The Offense of the Drum

Arturo O’Farrill and ALJO: The Offense of the Drum

It has been authoritatively stated that Chico O’Farrill was one of the most important composers and big band arrangers and conductors in the idioms...

World Premiere of “Afro Latin Jazz Suite”

The Legendary Apollo Theater Commissions the World Premiere of GRAMMY® Award-Winning Pianist Arturo O'Farrill's "Afro Latin Jazz Suite" Featuring The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra,...

Jerry González & Miguel Blanco: Music for Big Band

When Jerry González puts a mute onto his trumpet, the volume of his horn may be turned down a tad, but the tongues of...

Afrodisian Orchestra – Satierismos (Youkali Music – 2011)

It is hardly surprising that Erik Satie has become the darling of modern composers and musicians alike. The reputedly eccentric French composer who lived between the late-19th and the early 20th Century was very much a musician far ahead of his time. Breaking away from the late-Romantics, Satie predated many movements in various artistic disciplines, from Dadaism and Surrealism in painting; and muzak or elevator music, by fifty years [...]
Afrodisian Orchestra - Mediterraciones

Afrodisian Orchestra: Mediterraciones

Few records in 2009 are going to have such an impact on the world of music as the Afrodisian Orchestra’s Mediterraciones. This is because there are few, just a few musicians – even native Spanish ones – who have come to imbibe completely the incredible ethos of Spain. The myriad influences – from religious (Jewish, Christian, Muslim...) to ethnic (Western Gothic, Moorish, [...]