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Chick Corea and The Spanish Heart Band’s New Album

Chick Corea, legendary pianist, keyboardist and composer, explores his Spanish, Latin and Flamenco influences with the debut album by his new Spanish Heart Band Throughout...
Carlos Henriquez Dizzy con Clave

Carlos Henriquez: Dizzy con Clave

Carlos Henriquez may not be the first to (rightfully) pay tribute to Dizzy Gillespie nor will he be the last. But his is a...
Itai Kriss and Telavana

Itai Kriss and Telavana: Telavana

Itai Kriss together with Hadar Noiberg is one of New York’s worst-kept secrets. Both flutists wear their Middle Eastern heritage just as well as...
Fran Vielma and his Venezuelan Jazz Collective

Fran Vielma and his Venezuelan Jazz Collective: Tendencias

Fran Vielma could not think of a more provocative name for an album than Tendencias, especially amid the enormous musical output of music emerging...

Brian Lynch Presents Madera Latino – Tribute To Woody Shaw

Editor's Pick · Album of the Month · A Latin Jazz Perspective On The Music Of Woody Shaw Woody Shaw was an artist endowed with two...

Brian Lynch Presents: Madera Latino

Four years in the making, Grammy© Award winning trumpeter Brian Lynch’s Madera Latino (Latin Wood) project, exploring the music of jazz innovator and master...

Carlos Henriquez: The Bronx Pyramid

There is topographical significance in the musical architecture of Carlos Henriquez’s record, The Bronx Pyramid and it is a bold thesis, one that has...

The Rodriguez Brothers: Impromptu

Few sets of brothers (as far as sisters go there is always the Labèque sisters) have such surprising material up their sleeves as The...

Samuel Torres Group: Forced Displacement

Drums. They were not quite the first instrument, but even so much as a scatological suggestion of sound can quicken the blood; and their...

Miguel Zenón: Identities Are Changeable

What does it mean “to belong”? The Webster suggests that it is a verb that is defined as “to have or be in a...
CArolina Calvache: Sotareño

Carolina Calvache: Sotareño

The elegant pianistic urgings—whether in consonant or in dissonant harmony—at the delicate hand of the Colombian-born Carolina Calvache are much too seductive to resist....

Yosvany Terry: Today’s Opinion

The work of a troubadour is never over. He traverses the world covering the geography of the liveliest hotspots on the earth as well...

Catching Up with Percussionist, Composer, Arranger Samuel Torres

My grandfather, Manuel Martinez was a trombone player. He came from a small town in southern Colombia near Ecuador. At the age of fourteen he escaped from the Ecuadorian army and he traveled throughout the Caribbean during the 1930s and 1940s. Before returning to Colombia he picked up a lot of musical influences. My grandmother was a self-taught musician and my uncle, Francisco Martinez, who is the father of (pianist, composer, arranger) Edy Martinez [...]

Samuel Torres – Yaoundé (Self Produced – 2010)

For the spirits to materialise when they are summoned in worship the practice of the worship must reach a level of intensity—get to the blue part of the flame, so to speak—and arouse the angels and God as well to come down and bless the worshippers a million-fold. When David played his harp, so intense was his music that Samuel was inspired to anoint him King. Now it is the turn of another Samuel, not to anoint, but to call up the angels and saints [...]

Venissa Santi: Bienvenida

The high art of this record, Bienvenida is no accident. This is because its principal performer is the miracle behind it all. Venissa Santi is one of those supremely talented new vocalists who blazes, comet-like, across the musical horizon, but once in a lifetime. She joins the likes of Billie Holiday, Abbey Lincoln, Sheila Jordan, Elis, Rosa, Celia, Flora Purim and fewer others [...]