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From Toronto: Paintbox Bistro Saturday Nights in January-February 2014

Experience & Enjoy all the Flavourful Colours of Jazz! JPEC - - invites you & your friends to the amazing "Paintbox Bistro" Saturday...

Laura Fernandez – Un Solo Beso (Self Published – 2011)

There is a certain fire that burns with a quietude that, although atypical of the Latin soul, still contains much of the passion that is contained in it. In fact the passion is so contained that the fire actually soars with its very chill. The music of Laura Fernandez “burns” with this cold fire. Much of Miles Davis’ music was “hot” in that sense (that) it burned with a similar quiet fire. Conventional wisdom dictates that Latin music is not meant to be cool but fiery and hot [...]

Hilario Durán celebrates 35 years of musical career at the Royal Theatre in Toronto

Pianists abound in the Island of Cuba. Excellent pianists indeed, but only a selected group meet the high standards of virtuosity. Hilario Luis Durán...