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Cristina Morrison: Impredecible (Voces de Mujer)

When Cristina Morrison released Baronesa she may have been considered an vocal artist of boundless promise, but since then and with the advent of...
Cristina Morrison

Cristina Morrison New Release: Impredecible – Voces de Mujer

Singer/Actress Cristina Morrison Highly Anticipated New Release IMPREDECIBLE - VOCES DE MUJER Lena Burke, Mirella Cesa, Magos Herrera, Barbara Mendes and Consuelo Vargas Miami - May...
Gregor Huebner: Los Soñadores

Gregor Huebner: Los Soñadores

To listen to the voice of The Dreamers struggling against a manic administration in the 2019 White House is not too much to ask...

Little Johnny Rivero: Music in Me

The utter simplicity of this title - Music in Me - does not even begin to convey the depth and sophistication of the music...

The Rodriguez Brothers: Impromptu

Few sets of brothers (as far as sisters go there is always the Labèque sisters) have such surprising material up their sleeves as The...

Manuel Valera Sr.: Recuerdos

This album, by Manuel Valera Sr. Recuerdos ranks—with Charlie Haden’s Nocturne as one of the most beautiful albums of boleros made in recent times....
CArolina Calvache: Sotareño

Carolina Calvache: Sotareño

The elegant pianistic urgings—whether in consonant or in dissonant harmony—at the delicate hand of the Colombian-born Carolina Calvache are much too seductive to resist....

Carolina Calvache Releases “Sotareño”

The rhythms of Latin America have been familiar to jazz since the music’s inception. The “Spanish tinge” has become more than just that over...

Manuel Valera & New Cuban Express: Expectativas

Manuel Valera and New Cuban Express seem to have picked up from where they left off. Their album Expectativas has the same vigor and...

Manuel Valera and New Cuban Express at the Jazz Standard on Nov 6th

On Wednesday, November 6th, 2013, at 7:30PM and 9:30PM, Cuban Pianist, Composer and Bandleader Manuel Valera and his New Cuban Express are celebrating the...

Hector Martignon: Second Chance

In a literal world the music on Second Chance would simply represent “B” sides of music that pianist, Hector Martignon has played in the past. In reality they are anything but that. It is here that Martignon has provided wicked twists to all the music he has played before—he uses the term “devilish,” which in Spanish is a word fraught with meaning. The word diabólico might be infinitely more appropriate as it has fangs and breathes a fire [...]