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Juan Manuel Ceruto: A Puerto Padre – Tributo a Emiliano Salvador

Of the many pianists that have come out of Cuba throughout its history, the young Emiliano Salvador may be one of the most iconic...

Estrellas de Areito: Los Héroes

Although much of the world was welcoming of Cuba after the Revolution and although many artists did flee the country for a new world of freedom and...

Johnny Conga – Breaking Skin (Independent 2009)

Johnny Conga comes from a long line of illustrious tumbadores, too many to mention, but suffice it to say that from the musical evidence on Breaking Skin, the genealogy may well include the likes of Chano Pozo, Mongo Santamaria, Tata Güines, Candido, Armando Peraza, Francisco Aguabella and a host of others. Lest anyone out there scream, “Blasphemy!” [...]