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Patax Presents: Michael Jackson x 2

Patax Presents: Michael Jackson x 2

There are two remarkable Latin Jazz tributes dedicated entirely to Michael Jackson that are really worth adorning a library of music: Unity, the one...

Jorge Pérez and PATAX – El Tiburón

Jorge Pérez and his band PATAX perform one of his tunes "El Tiburón", included in the DVD "Patax Live From Infinity". Jorge Pérez: Percussion; Valentin...

Cuban Jam – Drummer, Percussionist Emilio Valdés

Cuban Drummer Emilio Valdés puts a band together to create some positive energy in the studio. No much talking, no much rehearsing, no much...

Afrodisian Orchestra – Satierismos (Youkali Music – 2011)

It is hardly surprising that Erik Satie has become the darling of modern composers and musicians alike. The reputedly eccentric French composer who lived between the late-19th and the early 20th Century was very much a musician far ahead of his time. Breaking away from the late-Romantics, Satie predated many movements in various artistic disciplines, from Dadaism and Surrealism in painting; and muzak or elevator music, by fifty years [...]