Friday, August 14, 2020
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Hector Martignon’s Banda Grande: The Big Band Theory

Editor's Pick · Album of the Month · Big Bands are an endangered species. So it is with great excitement that one welcomes Hector Martignon’s...
Juan García-Herreros - Snow Owl - Normas

Juan García-Herreros · The Snow Owl: Normas

Editor's Pick · Featured Album It is apocryphal that you can take the Colombian out of the Cumbia, but you can never take the Cumbia...

Nelson Riveros – Camino al Barrio (Self Produced – 2010)

Nelson Riveros is one of the most proficient melodic guitarists inhabiting the world of music today. On top of that he is artful rhythmically....

Hector Martignon: Second Chance

In a literal world the music on Second Chance would simply represent “B” sides of music that pianist, Hector Martignon has played in the past. In reality they are anything but that. It is here that Martignon has provided wicked twists to all the music he has played before—he uses the term “devilish,” which in Spanish is a word fraught with meaning. The word diabólico might be infinitely more appropriate as it has fangs and breathes a fire [...]