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Chris Washburne - Rags and Roots

Chris Washburne: Rags and Roots

Editor's Pick · Featured Album · The Columbia University Professor, author and musician, trombonist Chris Washburne enjoys the company of some of the finest young...
The Seasons - Manuel Valera Trio

Manuel Valera Trio: The Seasons

Was there a closet ‘renaissance man’ just waiting to jump out of Manuel Valera? Probably so, but although his recording of The Seasons references...
Miguel Zenón - Típico

Miguel Zenón: Típico

One of the most interesting aspects of modern music – Jazz, for instance – is that the music starts with the record cover. The...

Miguel Zenón Releases New Album: “Típico”

Internationally Acclaimed Saxophonist/Composer Miguel Zenón releases intimate new recording Típico - Feb 10, 2017 on Miel Music Zenón's 10th recording as a leader celebrates his...

Manuel Valera Trio: Live at Firehouse 12

This recording is a fascinating, satisfying live programme which brings together three of the most active, finest musicians in New York whose work...

Manuel Valera Sr.: Recuerdos

This album, by Manuel Valera Sr. Recuerdos ranks—with Charlie Haden’s Nocturne as one of the most beautiful albums of boleros made in recent times....

Miguel Zenón: Identities Are Changeable

What does it mean “to belong”? The Webster suggests that it is a verb that is defined as “to have or be in a...

Manuel Valera and New Cuban Express: In Motion

What’s new in the idiom of jazz? The next generation of Cuban musicians have arrived. Look no further than what they have brought with...

Harlem Jazz Shrines Festival 2014

Park Palace Tribute Featuring the Aruán Ortíz Quartet and Manuel Valera & The Cuban Express - May 4th to May 10th, 2014 - Constructed in...
CArolina Calvache: Sotareño

Carolina Calvache: Sotareño

The elegant pianistic urgings—whether in consonant or in dissonant harmony—at the delicate hand of the Colombian-born Carolina Calvache are much too seductive to resist....

Carolina Calvache Releases “Sotareño”

The rhythms of Latin America have been familiar to jazz since the music’s inception. The “Spanish tinge” has become more than just that over...

Sebastian Schunke: Genesis, Mystery and Magic

Among the young musicians of today is a pianist who is known not only for his pianism, but also for his soul-searching intellect and...

Ken Hatfield Sextet – For Langston

Langston Hughes is one of the great poets of the 20th century. His voice is as essential to the African American’s cry for freedom...

Miguel Zenón: Alma Adentro – The Puerto Rican Songbook

That Miguel Zenón has been recognized as one of the most exciting young alto saxophonists to break into the scene has been known for...

Diego Urcola Quartet – Appreciation (CAM Jazz/Sunnyside – 2011)

Diego Urcola’s is a voice that remained somewhat hidden—certainly tucked away—for two decades in Paquito D’Rivera’s quintet. And then there was the subdued role...

Paoli Mejias: Jazzambia

On this earthy and emotionally charged record, Jazzambia (2008), percussionist Paoli Mejias may appear to be showcasing his skills, but in actual fact, he is doing much more than that. He is actually setting out to draw a not-so-tenuous rhythmic line between the music of Africa and of Puerto Rico. In his own very personal vision of Puerto Rico the glue that binds this is European [...]