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Best Latin Jazz Albums of 2013 – Part I

2013 was a prolific year in terms of new Latin jazz albums being released. Perhaps as an appropriate response to the wrongful dismissal and...

Hamlet and his Latin Jazz Experience: Pa ‘lante… Siguiendo el Camino

There is a visceral energy that courses through the primeval gut of Hamlet Fiorilli Müller’s record Pa ’lante… Siguiendo el Camino. This is...

Hamlet & his Latin Jazz Experience – Descarumbiando (2009)

The Latin Jazz wave is old hat. There are too many hangers-on; too many copy cats and not enough original thinking musicians. But in contrast, the serious craftsmen and women are getting more skilled and penetrating the soul of the Latin ethos – some even growing something akin to “mi Alma Latina” actually. And, of course jazz is today’s “classical” music [...]