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Diego El Cigala - Indestructible

Remembering Cigala’s Salsa Masterpiece Album: Indestructible

In late October of 2016, the world looked forward to listening to one of the most awaited salsa albums in history, interpreted and produced...
Chucho Valdes - Festival Jazz Plaza 2018

Jazz Plaza International Festival: January 17-21 2018

Chucho Valdés will inaugurate Jazz Plaza International Festival 2018 The award-winning Cuban pianist Chucho Valdés will open the XXXIII edition of the International Jazz Plaza...

The Revolutionary Art of Tony Martinez

In the rush to embrace Cuba much of what makes it both disappointing and great is often washed away like dirty linen. The Castro...

Gonzalo Rubalcaba: Suite Caminos

Gonzalo Rubalcaba has sojourned all over the topography of music ever since his performing days in Cuba and the rest of the world, and...

Grammy Awards – Best Latin Jazz Album

Eliane Elias - Made in Brazil The pianist, Elaine Elias who has since she made her presence felt on the world stage, striven to bring...

Ramón Valle: Take Off

It will not be surprising if you are drawn to Take Off, the 2015 recording by Ramón Valle. The reasons are two-fold. For all...

Jane Bunnett: Spirits of Havana

Every one of the albums that Jane Bunnett has made, with or without her husband and trumpet/flugelhorn player, Larry Cramer, with or without Don...

In Concert: Valdés, Rubalcaba and Camilo

On June 21, 2015, at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, Chucho Valdés, Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Michel Camilo spent the evening celebrating the intoxicating and eternally gorgeous music of Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona.

Federico Britos: Hot Club of the Americas

Stories of Stéphane Grappelli meeting anyone in Latin America may be apocryphal but those of Federico Britos doing so are certainly not. Nor is...

Ignacio Berroa: Heritage and Passion

Heritage and Passion… Never was an album so aptly titled and rarely has an album been so magnificently and ingeniously crafted. And while...

Gema Corredera – Derramando Luz

"On Derramando Luz Gema explores aspects of cuban music fused with the harmonics of jazz and convey both the present and the past of...

Yosvany Terry: Today’s Opinion

The work of a troubadour is never over. He traverses the world covering the geography of the liveliest hotspots on the earth as well...

Gonzalo Rubalcaba – XXI Century

Gonzalo Rubalcaba is probably one of the most gifted pianists in modern music. He is unequalled in his virtuosity and his expression and dynamic are of the highest order...

Gonzalo Rubalcaba: Fé/Faith

The thin line between theology and art was blurred in ancient times and this was manifested in the Psalms and in the Song of Solomon—both forms of poetry set to music and completely absorbed by devotion, praise and worship. What characterized this form of poetry and music was the complete surrender of the intellect to the soul. Thus the utter beauty of this art was able to shine with sheer passion and soaring spirituality. This is what characterizes [...]