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El Eco with Guillermo Nojechowicz

El Eco with Guillermo Nojechowicz: Puerto de Buenos Aires 1933

The misty nature of this meditative, multi-layered music by Guillermo Nojechowicz on Puerto de Buenos Aires is most awe-inspiring. Moreover despite using palpably Argentinean...
Pedro Giraudo Big Band - Cuentos

Pedro Giraudo Big Band: Cuentos

Pedro Giraudo’s purposeful, imaginative and inventive music has rightly gained its own following, which his Big Band’s performance of "Cuentos", an album revolving around a four-part suite...

Florencia González: Between Loves

The long-held view that Florencia González is a woman of substance—a magnificent composer and arranger—were proven combined by startling conducting and leadership, when she...

Florencia González Big Band – Woman Dreaming of Escape

Not many musicians—and even fewer women musicians—have a talent that enables them to write for...

Pablo Ablanedo – Recontradoble

The beauty of ReContraDoble lies in its exquisite counterpoint that pits the brass against the woodwinds; the guitar against the piano with the drums...
Oscar Peñas - From Now On

Oscar Peñas – From Now On

If music could be transformed into a visual canvas every time it was heard then the music of Oscar Peñas would turn into a...

Fernando Huergo – Provinciano (Sunnyside Records 2008)

This is not just another record of music by an Argentinean musician. Provinciano is a brave attempt to create a new metaphor based on traditional harmonics and rhythms that inhabit the Argentinean Tango and folkloric music. Fernando Huergo, bassist extraordinaire makes a huge leap of faith as he - first explains - and then demonstrates the depth of his creativity [...]