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Luis Lascano: Some Trips

This album, Some Trips by Luis Lascano is a short one. This is a pity because the songs—every one of them—is beautifully crafted. They...

Sofia Rei – De Tierra y Oro

Exquisite music with South American folk influences, mixed with jazz sounds, and wrapped in the powerful voice and tonal beauty of Sofia Rei, that’s...

Eric Kurimski – Réplica (Lima Limon Records 2008)

In Peru, Eric Kurimski observes in the notes of his journey to Lima, the concept of time loosely exists. What a remarkable observation by the musician who became besotted with Peruvian music so much so that he traveled to the small South American country to become one of its most extraordinary exponents. This recording, Replica, the debut for Eric Kurimski, is a seminal document [...]