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John Finbury featuring Thalma de Freitas: SORTE!

Award-winning composer John Finbury and singer-lyricist Thalma de Freitas team up for the first time on Sorte! Their new album of Brazilian-flaired Latin Jazz songs...

Carlos Barbosa-Lima Releases New Album: “Delicado”

From Ipanema Beach to Corcovado mountain, the natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro is self-evident. It’s almost as if the postcard itself was invented...
Phil Marucci - Next Stop Brazil

Phil Marucci: Next Stop Brazil

You would be forgiven if you thought you were listening to a Brasilian while playing Next Stop Brazil by Phil Marucci. The Portuguese is...
Duduka da Fonseca Trio Plays Dom Salvador

Duduka Da Fonseca Trio Plays Dom Salvador

The percussion colourist, Duduka Da Fonseca once graced the drum chair of Dom Salvador’s album, simply entitled Transition… or was it so simple? Although...
Duduka Da Fonseca Trio Plays Dom Salvador

Coming Soon: Duduka Da Fonseca Trio Plays Dom Salvador

The 3-time GRAMMY® nominated drummer Duduka Da Fonseca will be releasing what he considers to be one of the most expressive works of his...

Ark Ovrutski Quintet: Intersection

The quality of playing on Intersection not only by its leader as bassist, Ark Ovrutski, but all of the musicians is altogether exceptional. Ark...

Trio da Paz: 30

This is the quintessential Brasilian trio, a power trio if ever there was one, featuring Romero Lubambo, Nilson Matta and Duduka Da Fonseca. The...

Duduka Da Fonseca Trio: Jive Samba

Not all interpreters have proved to be distinguished interpreters of other composers’ works, but Duduka Da Fonseca has managed to maintain...

Romero Lubambo: Só—Brasilian Essence

Solo instrumental performances can be solitary pursuits, but not for Romero Lubambo and here is why. More than most guitarists, Mr. Lubambo has an...

Best Latin Jazz Albums of 2013 – Part I

2013 was a prolific year in terms of new Latin jazz albums being released. Perhaps as an appropriate response to the wrongful dismissal and...

Duduka Da Fonseca Trio – New Samba Jazz Directions

To understand the profundity of the nature of “samba” it is essential to understand its etymology. Brazilian folklorists suggest that it is a corruption...

Steve Turre – Woody`s Delight

Few trombone players in Steve Turre’s generation have pushed the boundaries of their instrument further than he has. Born of the blue, hard bopping...

Roni Ben-Hur & Santi Debriano featuring Duduka Da Fonseca – Our Thing

It is not often that music—even some of the finest on record, like a highly imaginative novel—evokes powerful visuals, but when it does the...

Duduka Da Fonseca Quintet – Samba Jazz – Jazz Samba

Duduka Da Fonseca brings something altogether new and exciting to the art of drumming: a flair for...

Brazilian Trio – Constelação

The art of the Brazilian Trio is defined by the superlative musicality of the players that comprise it: by the delicate trellis work of...

Brazilian Trio – Constelação

Brazilian Trio is a masterful amalgamation of musician/composer/arranger friends dedicated to perpetuating the artful blend of Brazilian classical...

Ark Ovrutski Quintet – Sounds of Brasil

That Ark Ovrutski is following his heart in pursuing the art of music is creditable. But that he has made it his mission to...

More Noteworthy Recordings of 2011

Most fans, even aficionados of contemporary music, still only vaguely know the great trumpeter Claudio Roditi as the “Brazilian who joined Arturo Sandoval in Dizzy Gillespie’s United Nations Orchestra”. It is a pity that Roditi’s musical reputation rests on so narrow a spectrum in his enormous musical career. Few know, for instance, that Roditi was one of the first Brazilian musicians to relocate in the United States of America: in 1970 as a matter of fact [...]

Duduka da Fonseca Trio Plays Toninho Horta (Zoho Music – 2011)

One of the main reasons why Brazilian music has been preserved and, more importantly, kept alive through the generations has been the readiness of newer generations of musicians to create repertory albums in homage to that country’s master musicians. Over the years there have been a slew of beautiful tributes to classical masters such as Heitor Villa Lobos, from João Carlos Assis Brasil’s legendary album A Floresta do Amazonas [...]

Carlos Barbosa-Lima – Merengue (Zoho Music – 2009)

There is distinct nobility surrounding the virtuosity of the guitarist, Carlos Barbosa-Lima. His South American sojourn, Merengue presents sweeping vistas and myriad emotions described by such technical superiority as only a few musicians have achieved. Unfortunately Barbosa-Lima’s reputation has not kept pace with his magnificent musicianship [...]