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Manuel Obregón, Costarrican Pianist and Composer Receives Honorary Degree

Internationally known jazz and blues musician Manuel Obregón received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at York University on June 16, 2015. Following his...

Swing en 4 – Zumba que Zumba

With a complexity and variations of rhythms, there is always a balance of surprise and coherence in the music of Zumba que Zumba. The...

Luis Muñoz – Invisible (Pelin Music – 2010)

Luis Muñoz thinks with an open palette of sound. His vision of music is as sweeping as the eye can see and absorbs a wide spectrum of color and tone texture, from the sophisticated rough and tumble of the trance-like sound of Afro-centric worship music to the delightful swing of idiomatic phrases that spring from the joyous spirit of jazz [...]