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Bill O’Connell and The Afro-Caribbean Ensemble: Wind Off the Hudson

Devotees of the incredible vivacity of Afro-Caribbean music will be spoiled for choice of a favourite moment (or moments) on this inspired 2019 release...
Alex Conde - Origins

Alex Conde: Origins

When Alex Conde turns up the power at any given time, he’s like an orchestra all by himself. Now magnify that several times on...
Alex Conde

New Release by Alex Conde: Origins

ORIGINS by Alex Conde ORIGINS is a fusion album from the roots and elements of flamenco (bulerías, soleáres), afro-cuban (guaguancó and rumba) and american jazz...
Bill O'Connell: Jazz Latin

Bill O’Connell: Jazz Latin

This album Jazz Latin by Bill O’Connell is – as always - like an elegant railway system linking the myriad elements of Jazz, with...

Little Johnny Rivero: Music in Me

The utter simplicity of this title - Music in Me - does not even begin to convey the depth and sophistication of the music...

Mario Bauzá: The Legendary Mambo King and His Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra

*Editor's Pick - Essential Albums Revisited - The history of music of Afro-Cuban origin, music that begat Latin-Jazz cannot be told in 500 words, not...

Bill O’Connell and the Latin Jazz All-Stars: Heart Beat

Through the years Bill O'Connell reading of Latin-Jazz has been characterised as music that is typically measured and full-bodied, freighted with meaning. This recording...

Doug Beavers: Titanes del Trombón

The Battle has begun, the Battle of… Titans! The Grammy Award winner Doug Beavers brings us his exquisite, new album, Titanes del Trombón, a tremendous...

Eddie Palmieri Brings Down The House at Koerner Hall in Toronto

There is something very special about sharing a moment in time and space with a legend, an artist –a consummate musician- who has transcended...

Dave Bass: NYC Sessions

The road to the NYC Sessions has been a long and painful one. He almost never played piano again after a freak accident. Thank God he got better and...
Bill O'Connell & The Latin Jazz All-Stars - Imagine

Bill O’Connell Latin Jazz All-Stars: Imagine

Bill O’Connell is a fine pianist. He is underrated and seems to dwell in the shadows of New York musicians with a higher profile than his. Many of these so-called high profilers may be, in fact, far less talented than Mr. O’Connell. He is blessed with ...

Conrad Herwig: The Latin Side of Joe Henderson

The most interesting challenge in reinventing music that has already been invented in a particular idiom is not necessarily melodic. In fact it is almost certainly rhythmic. This is especially true if the idiom happens to be Latin ...

Live at the Blue Note: Conrad Herwig

Conrad Herwig and the Latin Side All-Stars Pay Tribute to Horace Silver Conrad Herwig is no stranger to reimagining the work of seminal jazz musicians...

Bill O’Connell Latin Jazz All-Stars: Zócalo

There are so many reasons why Bill O’Connell’s record, Zócalo recommends itself. The title is charming. The ensemble on the date is what might...

Eddie Palmieri 50th Year Anniversary

Dedicated to his wife, Iraida Palmieri, this long-awaited DVD (due to some technical issues its release was delayed a few years) serves two purposes. It celebrates 50 years of Eddie Palmieri's prolific musical career (one of the most influential and acclaimed in Latin music). 50 years since Mr. Palmieri started to perform as a pianist, and 50 years since he formed his first band, Conjunto La Perfecta. Innovative, respected and adored by fans and peers alike [...]

Robby Ameen – Days in the Life (Two and Four Records – 2009)

Robby Ameen is one of those first call percussionists who has been chaffing at the bit to produce something all his own. Now he has his chance, with Days in the Life and he acquits himself with excellence. Things might have very well gone awry, as so often happens when self producing the first record. This, however, does not happen with Ameen, as he is careful to avoid the [...]