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From Valledupar To Rio: Chabuco Presents Encuentro

From Valledupar, the cradle of vallenato music, to Rio de Janeiro, where samba carioca was born, Chabuco breaks geographical barriers and seamlessly fuses two...
Justo Almario

Artist Profile: Justo Almario

Justo Almario is a multi-instrumentalist at the highest caliber, Music Educator, Musical Director, Composer, Arranger and Clinician, Justo’s influences include John Coltrane, Antonio Carlos...

Maite Hontelé ft. Orquesta Aragón – Casi Muero

"Casi Muero" with Orquesta Aragón, first single from Cuba Linda, Maite Hontelé's fifth album recorded at Egrem in Havana Cuba, mixed and mastered at...
Monsieur Periné and Patricia Cano at Koerner Hall

Monsieur Periné and Patricia Cano at Koerner Hall

Monsieur Periné and Patricia Cano 2016-2017 Season, The Royal Conservatory, World, Vocal, Quiet Please, There’s a Lady on Stage DATE: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 | TIME:...

Carrera Quinta: Big Band

Music in North America has long been enriched by the rhythmic content from traditional South American song and dance forms. The biggest influences come...

Gregorio Uribe Big Band “Cumbia Universal” Ft. Rubén Blades

Big band leader, singer and accordionist Gregorio Uribe was born in Colombia, studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and is now based...

Artist Profile: Gregorio Uribe

Big band leader, singer and accordionist Gregorio Uribe was born in Colombia, studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and is now based...

¡Fuera Zapato Viejo!

Chronicles, Portraits and Interviews about Salsa Music in Bogotá - Many people, including some music lovers, assume that the city of Cali and the Caribbean...

Banda La República: Fiesta Elegante

Explosion of Latin taste and enjoyment is what Banda La República brings us with his new album "Fiesta Elegante". Led by the brilliant composer,...

Carolina Calvache Releases “Sotareño”

The rhythms of Latin America have been familiar to jazz since the music’s inception. The “Spanish tinge” has become more than just that over...

Barranquijazz: 17 Años de Jazz en Colombia

Septiembre es el mes del jazz en Colombia, Suramérica. Seis eventos convocan anualmente a músicos locales e internacionales en el noveno mes del año...

Lucía Pulido: Time Darkened by Sorrow, Brightened By Passion

The sky darkens, Lorca-like and a primordial wail rips through it. “Ai…leh leh leh…/No sé qué tendrá mi pecho/no sé qué tendrá mi pecho…/que...

Gabriel Guerrero – Feyas

Gabriel Guerrero is blest with a masterful musical intellect. This enables him to form gorgeous melodic ideas that seemingly appear out of nowhere to captivate the heart and mind of...

Edy Martínez, the Music Architect Behind the Piano

If you go to New York City and ask any Latin jazz legend about Edy Martínez they will tell you about him. Edy Martínez is a Colombian...

Fernando Tarrés & Lucía Pulido – Songbook III – Myths

"There is something altogether new in this record that is not present in many of Lucía Pulido’s other records. And this has to do...

Celebrating 10 years of La-33

This year the Colombian band La-33 is celebrating 10 years of playing old-style salsa. After all this time there is an enviable balance for this salsa group. The band has recorded three albums, sold more than 40.000 copies independently, and toured many countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Poland, Morocco, Denmark, Canada, Italy, England, Ecuador, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, India, Norway and the United States [...]

The Big Band Bogota at Jazz al Parque JazzFest

The Big Band Bogota 2011, A Road to Explore Colombian Jazz For two consecutive years IDARTES (District Institute for Arts in Bogota) has presented the...

Bettye LaVette to close Teatro Libre JazzFest

This Saturday, September 10th, Bettye LaVette will be the artist to close another edition of the Teatro Libre International Jazz Festival, in Bogota, Colombia. On this occasion, the woman with the expressive-voice, Bettye LaVette, will say goodbye to Bogota’s jazz lovers with an exciting concert at Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater. Mrs. LaVette is going to be the last performer of this festival after nine days of concerts by recognized [...]

“Salsa al Parque” Festival 2011 – A Tribute to the Magical Joe Arroyo

Last weekend Bogotá, the Colombian capital, celebrated another edition of Salsa al Parque, one of the biggest salsa festivals in Latin America. This is...

Catching Up with Percussionist, Composer, Arranger Samuel Torres

My grandfather, Manuel Martinez was a trombone player. He came from a small town in southern Colombia near Ecuador. At the age of fourteen he escaped from the Ecuadorian army and he traveled throughout the Caribbean during the 1930s and 1940s. Before returning to Colombia he picked up a lot of musical influences. My grandmother was a self-taught musician and my uncle, Francisco Martinez, who is the father of (pianist, composer, arranger) Edy Martinez [...]