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Best of 2018 Part 3

Best Recordings of 2018 – Part 3

2018 was a very prolific year in terms of music being released. It was a year of excellency, in terms of great new music...
Charlie Sepúlveda and The Turnaround: Songs For Nat

Charlie Sepúlveda and The Turnaround: Songs For Nat

This is not a tribute to Nat Adderley, but if it were, it would be a better one than any trumpeter has done. As...
Charlie Sepúlveda and The Turnaround Mr EP A Tribute to Eddie Palmieri

Charlie Sepúlveda & The Turnaround: Mr. EP – A Tribute to Eddie Palmieri

Much of the music that Charlie Sepúlveda has played over the course of his fascinating career as a professional musician has been such that...

Fidel Morales: Omío

In the highly unlikely event that you have not heard Fidel Morales play his drum kit or the bàtá drums now is your chance....

Fidel Morales: “Omío” (Omío Music World)

Review by Guest Author Luis Tamargo Former senior editor of Latin Beat Magazine and music historian Consisting mostly of originals, the most recent self-production of the...

Hilton Ruiz: Heroes

Although the extraordinary pianist Hilton Ruiz made many superb recordings in his short career, none is more iconic than Heroes and it is not...

Guess Who Jazz Quartet: Ready for Departure

Well on the way to discovering their individual voices four high-school students who call themselves the Guess Who Jazz Quartet decide to place on...

Benjamin Lapidus & Kari-B3: Ochosi Blues

From the earliest times of its existence—certainly during the 1700’s and the baroque era of Johann Sebastian Bach—the organ has been...

Benjamin Lapidus: New Album

World-renowned Cuban tres and guitar virtuoso Benjamin Lapidus and his new group Kari-B3 release his long awaited 7th Latin jazz recording and 8th as...

San Juan Collective: Fuera de Control

The first track of the new album by the power trío San Juan Collective is "Fuera de Control", energy charged with special guest Paoli...

2012 Ponce International Jazz Festival

The first edition of the Ponce International Jazz Festival, organized by Wanda Borrero and the radio station Vid 90.3, was a success. Three days...

A Tribute to Carlos Garnett at the Panama Jazz Festival 2012

Report by Oscar Montagut Bogota, Colombia – January, 2012 For nine consecutive years the Danilo Perez Foundation has celebrated the Panama Jazz Festival with the best...