Monday, August 3, 2020
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Diego Piñera: Strange Ways

Drummers sometimes make the most interesting bandleaders, especially when they gently nudge the other musicians in the ensemble into developing contrapuntal responses to odd...

Toots Thielemans European Quartet: 90 Years

When Toots plays the harmonica the little instrument driven by mechanical flues seems to take on a giant ...

Bye-Ya! The Latin Jazz Quintet – Further Arrivals (Challenge 2010)

On Further Arrivals two forces of nature come together. One is the molten voice of Brian Lynch’s trumpet and the other is the very exciting European quartet that goes by the name: Bye-Ya! On the face of it this fine ensemble might appear to be a tribute to Thelonious Monk and, indeed, their chattering approach to music might well be the debt they owe to His Great Outness. However, the music dances to a Latin American rhythm and so, these three men and a woman [...]