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Doug Beavers: Sol

Doug Beavers: Sol

You can always count on Doug Beavers – one of the creative mainstays of the formidable Spanish Harlem Orchestra – to surprise you with...
Kiki Valera: Vivencias en Clave

Kiki Valera: Vivencias en Clave Cubana

It’s odd to think that a recording in 2019 could be deemed to have become “historic” upon its release, but this one - Vivencias...

From New York: Spanish Harlem Orchestra

The celebrated ensemble led by pianist and musical director Oscar Hernández has been in the limelight since 2002, when their debut recording, Un Gran...

Spanish Harlem Orchestra: New Album

Two-Time GRAMMY Award-Winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra Releases New Full-Length Studio Album on September 16, 2014, Featuring Jazz Stars Chick Corea & Joe Lovano "...they're the...

Fito Garcia – Mi Bajo Rumbero (Garra Music – 2009)

Fito Garcia has taken a small albeit bold step with the making of this record, Mi Bajo Rumbero. There is a sincere attempt to explore the harmonics of the bass as a critical voice in the creation of music. The German bassist, Eberhard Weber made a memorable record in this vein several years ago and on Pendulum (ECM, 1993). Weber did just that: using ingenious electronics and live playing [...]