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Various Artists: The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions

Various Artists: The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions

There is much anecdotal evidence – some of it apocryphal – that the Cubans brought a diabolical complexity to Jazz when the musicians among...

Craft Recordings to Release “The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions”

Craft Recordings is proud to announce the release of The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions 5-LP and 5-CD box sets on November 9, 2018. Compiled...
Oskar Cartaya - Bajo Mundo

Oskar Cartaya Presents: Bajo Mundo

No matter where you look this year – at least in the realm of Latin-Jazz – you are unlikely to find a recording where...
Trevor Salloum with Bobby Sanabria - The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz

Trevor Salloum and Planet Drum

While being interviewed after he was rediscovered by Andy Garcia, the bassist Cachao let it slip that even the great Dizzy Gillespie didn’t always have his rhythmic chops right when he first stirred Afro-Cuban music into the grand design of bebop.

Cachao y su Ritmo Caliente: Descargas

Essential Albums Revisited (5 Stars - Editor's Pick) Cachao's Cuban Jam Sessions in Miniature "Descargas" Depending on who you talk to, Cachao ‘invented’ the Descarga –...

Cachao: Master Sessions Volumes I & II

Israel “Cachao” López is one of those larger-than-life figures, a monumental Cuban musician. Although not as famous as Bebo Valdés, he was still one...

Noteworthy Recordings of 2011

This is the recording that Maraca’s fans have been waiting for. Recorded live at the Grand Theater in Havana, Cuba (2010), it presents Maraca’s collaboration with the Havana Chamber Orchestra and includes standout contributions from pianist Harold Lopez-Nussa, Japanese violinist Sayaka, saxophonist David Sanchez, drummer Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo and others. The recording takes the listener on a musical journey [...]