Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Spanish Harlem Orchestra: The Latin Jazz Project

Spanish Harlem Orchestra: The Latin Jazz Project

Featured Album · Editor's Pick In the nearly two decades of its existence, the...
Spanish Harlem Orchestra to Release First Latin Jazz Album

Spanish Harlem Orchestra to Release Latin Jazz Album

3x GRAMMY® Award Winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra to Release First Latin Jazz Album, The Latin Jazz Project, on May 8, 2020 on ArtistShare Multi-GRAMMY® Award...

Arturo Sandoval: Dear Diz (Every Day I Think Of You)

Of all the larger-than-life characters that filled the landscape of the arts in the world one musician...

Arturo Sandoval Releases “Dear Diz”

Arturo Sandoval has just released his second album on Concord Jazz, "Dear Diz (Every Day I Think of You)." This is Sandoval's tribute to...

Chico Pinheiro – There’s a Storm Inside (Sunnyside Records – 2010)

The near falsetto vocals of Chico Pinheiro perfectly offset the voluptuous music that he has created on There’s a Storm Inside. However narrow his vocal range, Pinheiro is a master storyteller and he weaves his lines like an elaborate tapestry, a sort of patchwork quilt that tells the story his way. Pinheiro has a softness that seems to accelerate and retard his very breath. This increases the dramaturgy of his vocalastics in both English and Portuguese [...]

Toninho Horta – To Jobim with Love (Resonance Records 2008)

This record was released to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the Bossa Nova. How appropriate that it should be a collection of songs (except for two tracks) composed and played by the immortal Tom Jobim. How much more appropriate is it that the record should be titled To Jobim with Love? Of course all that would come to naught if the record fell below expectation [...]