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#SJZSummerFest: Etienne Charles – World Premiere of The San Jose Suite

San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2015 – Live Report by Tomas Peña A highlight of the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest was the World Premiere...

Jacques Schwarz-Bart: Jazz Racine Haïti

This album by the composer and tenor saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart Jazz Racine Haïti is significant for several factual reasons and the core aspects...

Etienne Charles: Creole Soul

“In the world that we live in today, it’s impossible not to be a creole, it’s impossible not to have a blend of ideas, a blend of traditions and a blend of sound or shape that determines who we are. There is a little bit of a creole...

Alex Brown – Pianist (Sunnyside Records – 2010)

Even for a pianist with as prodigious a talent as Alex Brown, having a heavyweight in the music pantheon such as Paquito D’Rivera produce his debut album, must have largely been a dream. However, to pull off a debut as fine as this is a feat in itself. As a pianist, Brown has remarkable technique. Although he may still be searching for his true voice and that may take time, he appears to be closer than most. He is truly expressive and has an expansive sense of [...]