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Javier Colina & Pepe Rivero: El Pañuelo de Pepa

Javier Colina & Pepe Rivero: El Pañuelo de Pepa

Sometimes in music you enter through a door and discover that the room you are now in has no walls, no ceiling and no...
Dafnis Prieto: To the Sunset… and Beyond

Dafnis Prieto: To the Sunset… and Beyond

Of the many – and often chameleonic – ways to describe the music of Dafnis Prieto the word “questing” comes to mind most often...
Adriano Clemente - Havana Blue

Adriano Clemente – Havana Blue

Adriano Clemente is an Italian multi-instrumentalist (who plays Columbian harp, piano and saxophone) and composer who has pushed his own horizons so much further...
Tribute to Bebo & Chico - Motema

Tribute to Bebo & Chico by Arturo O’Farrill & Chucho Valdés

Arturo O'Farrill & Chucho Valdés Celebrate Family on Collaborative Album, Familia: Tribute to Bebo & Chico Multi-Generational Project Pays Homage to Late Patriarchs Bebo Valdés...

Legacies of Jazz: Bebo, Chico, Chucho, ‘Turo

In Celebration of the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra's 15th Anniversary Season The Afro Latin Jazz Alliance Presents "Legacies of Jazz: Bebo, Chico, Chucho,'Turo" An Historic...

Paquito D’Rivera: Letters to Yeyito

If there is anyone who communicates through music and life it could be said that few people do it better than Paquito D’Rivera. If you have ever been to one of his concerts, you will know that he loves to introduce his songs with anecdotes...

Bebo Valdés Trio: El Arte Del Sabor

There is no “one” single iconic recording by the great Bebo Valdés. The pianist was an epitomé of good taste, which is not the...

Bebo Valdés: Giant of Afro-Cuban Music

The National Jazz Museum Celebrates Bebo Valdés Bebo Valdés Exhibit - National Jazz Museum in Harlem September 16th Opening - Screening & Listening Sessions The National Jazz...

Jazz Plaza 2013 to homage Bebo and Chucho Valdés

The 29th Festival Jazz Plaza 2013 will take place in Havana from December 19th to 22nd, and it will be devoted to Bebo and...

Old Man Bebo is sleeping

There is a metaphor that I cannot get out of my mind: It is one of the roars of the river. I hear it incessantly as if it were vying for the sound of silence in which I hear whispers of the name of the man his mother and father named...

Chico & Rita – Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal – TIFF 2010

Chico & Rita - Animated movie by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal - 2010 Toronto International Film Festival A seemingly ordinary, but tormented love story...