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Elio Villafranca: Epic Journey in search of Cinque

Elio Villafranca: Epic Journey in search of Cinque

There has always been a healthy restlessness to Elio Villafranca. When I spoke to him in February 2015 he was about to debut a...
Elio Villafranca - Cinque

Elio Villafranca: Cinque

The record package itself for Cinque is modest, but oddly impressive; its black cover has the title and Mr Villafranca’s name hand lettered across...

Hostos Center Presents: Cinqué – Suite of the Caribbean

Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture presents Elio Villafranca Trio & The Bronx Arts Ensemble Woodwind Quintet Acclaimed in both the jazz and classical worlds,...
Paquito D'Rivera by Ricardo Rios

Latin Jazz at 92Y: Paquito D’Rivera

Cuban-born bandleader/composer/reeds player extraordinaire Paquito D'Rivera returns to 92Y for an evening of sizzling Latin jazz. Winner of 14 Grammy Awards, Paquito began his musical...

Paquito D’Rivera: Jazz Meets The Classics

The concept of a collision between jazz and classical music is not new. The fantasy has been driving composers and performers as early as...

Elio Villafranca: In step with time – past, present and future

It is three days before my scheduled interview with the musician and pianist Elio Villafranca. I have long been fascinated by his ferocious talent...

Paquito D’Rivera Presents: Jazz Meets The Classics

Jazz Meets The Classics by Paquito D'Rivera The border between classical and jazz music has always been a fluid one, with composers from each camp...

Arturo Stable Presents Cuban Crosshatching

Part 2 of a 2 Part Performance Review Arturo Stable Presents Cuban Crosshatching Live at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia (Symphony Space) When Arturo Stable set out to...

Arturo Stable: Dos y Más and Cuban Crosshatching – Part 1

Arturo Stable Presents a Concert in two parts, featuring Dos y Más Leonard Nimoy Thalia, New York City - Saturday, January 12, 2013 Part 1 of...

Best CDs of 2012 – Editor’s Picks

Best CDs of 2012 - Editor's Picks - Papo Vazquez: Oasis; Chico Alvarez: Country Roots/Urban Masters; Clarice Assad: Home; Elio Villafranca & Arturo Stable: Dos y Más; San Juan Collective: Fuera de Control; Anat Cohen: Claroscuro...
Elio Villafranca, Arturo Stable - Dos y Más

Elio Villafranca, Arturo Stable: Dos y Más

Elio Villafranca is one of the most exciting young trio of pianists to come out of Cuba in recent years; the other two being...