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Sorte! Music by John Finbury ft. Thalma De Freitas

Sorte! – John Finbury ft. Thalma De Freitas

Featured Album · Editor's Pick Two albums into his worshipful “Brasilian sojourn” John Finbury has written six new songs that further declare his abject love...

John Finbury featuring Thalma de Freitas: SORTE!

Award-winning composer John Finbury and singer-lyricist Thalma de Freitas team up for the first time on Sorte! Their new album of Brazilian-flaired Latin Jazz songs...

Wayne Shorter: Native Dancer

The ultimate expression of Wayne Shorter’s desire to make a “Brasilian” record is Native Dancer. However it is further from being a “Brasilian” record...

Jovino Santos Neto – Veja o Som/See the Sound (Adventure Music)

There comes a time in the life of a pianist, when the lure of a solo project is strong and he or she inevitably gives in. Having thus satisfied the yearning the musician is struck by an even more daunting task: the thought of a duo program, made even more alluring when there is an opportunity to duet with more than one musician and instrumentalist. Such an extravagance is rarely passed up so it is no surprise to find the wonderful world of pianist Jovino [...]

Kenia Celebrates Dorival Caymmi (Mooka Records – 2010)

Dorival Caymmi was considered a seminal figure in the music of Bahia in Brazil. His influence on the Música Popular Brasileira movement was incalculable and Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso continue to pay him homage in their original work even today as it is impossible to escape his influence. In the appropriately entitled album, Kenia Celebrates Dorival Caymmi, the wonderful vocalist, Kenia literally recreates the unusually festive nature [...]