Cyrille Aimée: Let’s Get Lost


Cyrille Aimée Let's Get Lost 2Cyrille Aimée sets a standard in vocal quality on Let’s Get Lost that is unlikely to be equalled for some time to come. The record is beautiful and Aimée’s voice is light and limpid, though not without metal. Her roles as the character in these narratives are almost soubrette-ish. Her diction is truly exceptional throughout and impressive in both English and French – and it would seem nearly as good in Spanish too. And there is evidence of real imagination behind her programmes and her interpretations.

This is a bright and chirpy album. Both her last two albums are just so. Her singing is deeply expressive, yet she is far too intelligent a musician ever to be for a moment self-indulgent or self-conscious. It might be said that Cyrille Aimée practices her art as a higher form of simplicity, her ‘mellow detachment’ excels in incarnating in her performances. The repertoire here is an attractive collection, which Aimée voices with earthiness and subtlety when required. She adopts a ‘white’ almost spiritually soprano for such lovely classics as ‘Lazy Afternoon’. She can be positively naughty and puckish as in ‘Let’s Get Lost’ and profoundly beautiful in ‘That Old Feeling’.

Aimée is a vocalist who does not merely sing a song. But as well as characterising the words of each of these she gets right inside the music. To get a feel of how natural she sounds doing just that listen to ‘That Old Feeling’. And yet there are times when the singer can surprise you with a maturity that would seem beyond her years. This is an early sign of genius and such precociousness cannot be learned, but is something that she is born with. Her all round excellence in vocalastics is further heightened by an almost instinctive musicianship and that is significant. It is also the reason why this album is exceedingly good.

Track List: Live Alone and Like It; There’s A Lull In My Life; Estrellitas y Duendes; Lazy Afternoon; Three Little Words; T’es beau tu sais; Let’s Get Lost; Samois à moi; Nine More Minutes; Laverne Walk; That Old Feeling; Each Day; Words.

Personnel: Cyrille Aimée: vocals; Adrien Moignard: guitar; Michael Valeneau: guitar; Sam Anning: bass; Rajiv Jayaweera: drums; Matt Simons: additional vocals (12).

Label: Mack Avenue
Release date: January 2016
Running time: 42:22
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