Claroscuro – Anat Cohen – Anzic Records


Listen to four tracks from this new release coming out on Sept. 25, 2012

Anat Cohen - Claroscuro

Anat Cohen – celebrated the world over for her expressive virtuosity on clarinet and saxophone, not to mention the sheer joie de vivre in her charismatic stage presence – presents the latest record of her evolution with Claroscuro, her sixth album as a bandleader. Claroscuro takes its title from the Spanish word describing the play of light and shade (chiaroscuro in Italian). The album ranges from deliciously buoyant dances to darkly lyrical ballads, with live-in-the-studio spontaneity a priority; moreover, Claroscuro showcases Cohen’s fluency in a global set of styles, from the creolized chanson of New Orleans and the evergreen swing of an Artie Shaw tune to African grooves and Brazilian choro, samba and more. Cohen was joined in the studio by her ace working band – pianist Jason Lindner, double-bassist Joe Martin and drummer Daniel Freedman – as well as special guests: trombonist/vocalist Wycliffe Gordon, percussionist Gilmar Gomes and star clarinetist Paquito D’Rivera.


1. Anat’s Dance; 2. La Vie En Rose; 3. All Brothers; 4. As Rosas Nao Falam; 5. Nightmare; 6. Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser; 7. And The World Weeps; 8. Olha Maria; 9. Kick Off; 10. Um A Zero. 11. The Wedding.


Anat Cohen: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Soprano & Tenor Saxophone; Jason Lindner: Piano; Joe Martin: Bass; Daniel Freedman: Drums; Paquito D’Rivera: Clarinet (5,7,9 & 10); Wycliffe Gordon: Trombone (2 & 7), Vocal (2); Gilmar Gomes: Percussion (6, 9 & 10).