Grupo Falso Baiano: Simplicidade


Grupo Falso Baiano - Simplicidade Live at Yoshi

The members of Grupo Falso Baiano, with their refined and gorgeous sound are trying to change the fact that unlike Bossa Nova, a widely recognized style in the US, Brazilian choro is relatively unknown outside Brazil.

Grupo Falso Baiano is a choro ensemble based in the United States. Their new release Simplicidade: Live at Yoshi’s was recorded live at Yoshi’s Club in Oakland, California in July 5, 2010, and captures vividly the richness and beauty of choro music. The album starts with the more familiar samba rhythms of Nelson Cavaquinho “Caminhando”, followed by the melancholic, delicate sound of the choro “Simplicidade”.

Jovino Santos Neto joins the group, playing piano and flute on three of his compositions. The classically tinged piano intro on “Feira Livre”, where Neto cleverly quotes lines from the ballet The Nutcracker, quickly turns into a contagious baião, a music style from the north of Brasil. Santos Neto masterfully plays the flute on “Kenny É Você” and engages in a superb dialogue with Zack Pitt-Smith on the soprano saxophone. Neto goes back to the piano on his beautiful composition “Rosa Cigana”.

Jovino Santos Neto also plays the piano on Pixinguinha’s composition “Cheguei” and on the sublime interpretation of Jacob de Bandolim “Doce de Côco.” He also plays the accordion on Sivuca’s composition “Forró na Penha”.

This release also includes special guest Brian Rice on percussion in “Cheguei”, “Feira Livre”, Kenny É Você” and “Forró na Penha.”

Track Listing: 1. Caminhando; 2. Simplicidade; 3. Cheguei; 4. Feira Livre; 5. Kenny É Você; 6. Rosa Cigana; 7. Bem Brasil; 8. Deixa o Breque; 9. Doce de Côco; 10. Forró na Penha.

Personnel: Zack Pitt-Smith – saxophones, flute; Jesse Appelman – mandolin; Brian Moran – guitar; Ami Molinelli – percussion. Special guests: Jovino Santos Neto – piano, flute; Brian Rice – percussion.

Label: Massaroca Records
Release date: August 2011
Running time: 54:13


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