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Septeto Santiaguero & José Alberto “El Canario”: Tributo a Los Compadres – No Quiero Llanto



Septeto Santiaguero con Jose Alberto El CanarioThe legacy of Santiago de Cuba will live forever in the music of such soneros as Septeto Santiaguero, joined here by the authentic stylist, José Alberto “El Canario”. This is an outstanding record – vital, assured, red-blooded and technically spectacularly. This double CD comes replete with musicians as Eliades Ochoa and Oscar D’León and a host of trovadores and instrumentalists that light up the music on this package. Musicians here have embraced the virtues and mannerisms characterising historically informed performance practices. The instrumentalists’ and vocalists’ full-bodied communicative tone is voluptuous as the finest Afro-Cuban music is, with focussed intonation to the wiry sustained notes of the songs and the melodic phrases of the instrumentalists so much so that you are often left breathless.

Septeto-Santiaguero-No-Queiro-Llanto-1-LJNEach of the songs is carefully considered and wrought in gracefully sunlit shades of romantic twilight. You cannot but help being mesmerised by the delicately written and sung material; lithe, quicksilver contrapuntal writing and beautiful harmonies like so many rhapsodic flurries and expansive, tuneful melodies. The energy is relentless, bursting out of song after song, on both discs. It evokes all that is spectacular of Afro-Cuban music that is awash with spectacular, soaring melodies, articulate harmonies featuring full-throated chords and asymmetrical phrases and signature passagework from composers noted for claiming allegiance to the great Arsenio Rodriguez.

Septeto Santiaguero are sympathetic interpreters of the great Cuban tradition and imbues their work with solid virtuosity and a strong sense of long lines and keen ears for textural variety. Their music and that of “El Canario” and the other illustrious guests illuminates the discs with myriad contrasts of vocal colour and harmonic language to grasp the ear. It is no surprise that this package is getting recognised for its music and musicians – every one of them a wonder of expressive subtlety resulting in music that is luminous throughout.

Taken as a whole this is a fine and musicianly event heartily recommended. If you’re looking for excellent modern recording and clean playing, plus a galaxy of stars that make up the firmament of Cuban – then and now – then there’s certainly much to enjoy and admire In this double CD. This is clearly a project that is invaluable to the literature of Afro-Cuban music.

Note from the Editor: Septeto Santiaguero & José Alberto “El Canario”: Tributo a Los Compadres – No Quiero Llanto has been nominated to the 2015 Latin Grammy Award in the Best Traditional Tropical Album category.

Track List: CD 1 – Hay un runrun; Con la espuela; Mi son oriental; El lunar; Pensamiento; El que usted conoce no soy yo; Metiste la pata; No quiero llanto; Su señoría la conga; CD2 – Baja y tapa la olla; Sabroso; Rita la caimana; A Georgina; Amor silvestre; Sarandonga; Se secó el arroyito; Pruebe este tono; Gusto y sabor.

Personnel: Fernando Dewar: Tres, coros y dirección; Inocencio Heredia: Voz y percusión menor (maracas, clave y güiro); Giraldo Bravo: Voz y percusión menor (maracas, clave y güiro); Rudens Matos: Voz y guitarra; Dairon Robert: Bajo; Alberto Castellanos: Percusión; Gabriel Montero: Percusión; Alain Dragoní: Trompeta; Jose Alberto “El Canario”: Voz y flauta humana y coros; Oscar D’Leon: Voz (CD1 – 3); Andy Montañez: voz (CD 2 – 1); Aymee Nuviola: Voz (CD1 – 7); Eliades Ochoa: Voz (CD 2 – 4); Ismael Miranda: Voz (CD1 – 5); Tiburón Morales: Voz (CD2 – 8); Alejandro Almenares: Voz (CD2 – 4): Requinto; Eduardo Bringuez: Trompeta (CD1 – 6); Edwin Bonilla: Conga, bongo y campana (CD1 – 2); Jesús Fernández: Laúd (CD2 – 7); Conga De Los Hoyos; Grupo Esencia (CD2 – 6); Magic Sax Quartet (CD2 – 9); Orfeón Santiago; Estrellas de la Charanga (CD 2 – 3); Cuarteto de cuerdas de la Orquesta Sinfónica de Oriente; Tony Rondón: Coros; Luis Alberto Veranes: Pailas; Joaquin Solórzano: Corneta China; Manuel “Fosforito” Collazo: Bongó y campana; Miguel Cintra: Clarinete; Angel Gutierrez: Percussiones; Julius Vázquez: Conga, bongo y guiro vocales; Reynier Silega: Bajo Vocal; David Sin: Coro.

Label: Los Canarios Music
Release date: September 2015
Running time: – CD1 – 42:56 CD2 – 40:38
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About Septeto Santiaguero

El Septeto Santiaguero se fundó el 2 de febrero de 1995, consecuencia directa de Melodías de Ayer, añeja formación que desde 1962 estuvo profundamente ligada a la tradición santiaguera y a la Casa de la Trova. Fernando Dewar último director de Melodías de Ayer, se decidió con muchos de sus integrantes a mirar la tradición desde la contemporaneidad con el formato de Septeto. Santiago de Cuba es la cuna del son cubano, de toda la música tradicional cubana, y en esos predios musicales el Septeto Santiaguero ha constituido un suceso desde su fundación. Su estilo es cautivador, prima la sonoridad potente, el ritmo certero y arrollador y la proyección heterogénea que posibilita satisfacer a públicos de diferentes composiciones e intereses. Read more…

Based in Milton, Ontario, Canada, Raul is a poet, musician and an accomplished critic whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep understanding of music, technically as well as historically.

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