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Cristina Morrison: Impredecible – Voces de Mujer



Cristina Morrison

When Cristina Morrison released Baronesa she may have been considered an vocal artist of boundless promise, but since then and with the advent of Impredecible (Voces de Mujer) she has every right to be considered a great artist. This magical disc heralds a profound performance which is also highly illuminating. The starting point is a highly successful attempt to create vocal duets with five of the finest women vocalists of her generation. The performances by Miss Morrison aided by her duet partners are highly poignant; a touchstone to Miss Morrison’s burgeoning legacy as a vocalist; quite apart from her contribution to stage and film.

Cristina Morrison - Impredecible - Voces de Mujer
Cristina Morrison – Impredecible – Voces de Mujer

Miss Morrison reveals herself to be an artist of the first order broadening out from Ecuadorian folkloric and Jazz vocalastics into a world of Latin Jazz and Brasilian music for which she will be forever heralded as a musician of great distinction. Her instrument is gorgeous: lustrous, precise and extraordinarily sultry. Her musicianship is fierce as she digs into the expression of each word, brings ceaseless variety to soft dynamics and gives every phrase a special grace.

With Lena Burke on the first track she lays down an early marker of sensitivity and technical adroitness making Pablo Milanés’ classic “De Que Callada Manera”, whose challenging harmonies and tricky intervals raptly compressed. Her duets with the great Magos Herrera – especially “Dos Gardenias” – exhibit a gleamingly blended tonal quality and an articulate engagement. Similarly, her duets with Mirella Cesa are as eloquent as are the songs sung with Barbara Mendes exuberant. Meanwhile the rendition of Carlos Brito’s “Sombras” is fiercely impassioned and perhaps the crowning glory of the whole album.

Throughout Miss Morrison is joined by a wonderful instrumental ensemble. Together they all deliver this repertoire produced by long-time musical partner and pianist Misha Piatigorsky. The sweetness of blend among the musicians – especially on “De Que Callada Manera” and “Bésame Mucho” make for benchmark performances. Each of the musicians – especially Mr Piatigorsky – brings a deeply interiorised reading of these songs that complements Miss Morrison’s memorable execution.

Track list – 1: De Que Callada Manera; 2: Ángel de Luz; 3: Dos Gardenias; 4: Inutil Paisagem; 5: La Gloria Eres Tú; 6: Te Extraño; 7: El Aguacate; 8: Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar; 9: Sombras; 10: Bésame Mucho; 11: El Breve Espacio en Que No Estás

Personnel – Cristina Morrison: vocals; Misha Piatigorsky: piano and Fender Rhodes; José Armando Gola: electric bass; Ludwig Afonso: drums; Samuel Torres: percussion; Sam Quiggings: cello; Featuring Guests Lena Burke: vocals (1, 6); Mirella Cesa: vocals (2, 7); Magos Herrera: vocals (3, 10); Barbara Mendes: vocals (4, 5, 8); Consuelo Vargas: vocals (9)

Released – 2019
Label – Baronesa Records (BR2019)
Runtime – 55:20

Based in Milton, Ontario, Canada, Raul is a poet, musician and an accomplished critic whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep understanding of music, technically as well as historically.

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