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Sebastian Schunke: Existential Intensities



Sebastian Schunke and Los Muñequitos de Matanzas
Sebastian Schunke and Los Muñequitos de Matanzas in Havana

Existential Intensities comes across as a global credo that dissolves the dualities of male and female, archaic and modern, and sensory and transcendental at a higher level. Sebastian Schunke reveals himself as an inspired mediator. As diverse as the 11 pieces on the recording may initially seem, they are subtly linked by shared piano motifs that pop up again and again in widely differing contexts as parts of a universally true gospel. Existential Intensities thus becomes a new testament to sound and the physical and spiritual release that it is capable of inducing.” – Josef Engels, die Welt, jazz thing

Cast: Sebastian Schunke: piano, compositions.
Featuring: Los Muñequitos de Matanzas and Grupo Ojundegara from Cuba.
Berlin Brew with Nick Dunston, Robby Geerken, Philipp Gropper and Moritz Baumgärtner.
Trio femmes with Laure Mourot, Yodfat Miron, Isabelle Klemmt.

Producer: Sebastian Schunke/Detlef Engelhard
Label: Connector Records 2023

Nominated for the prestigious Cubadisco Awards (2024) in the International Co-Production category. Musical Producers are: Sebastian Schunke, Detlef Engelhard and Caridad Diez.

Sebastian Schunke: Existential Intensities with Los Muñequitos de Matanzas
Sebastian Schunke: Existential Intensities with Los Muñequitos de Matanzas

“The music on Existential Intensities is almost a guilty pleasure: exquisite harmonic and rhythmic sojourns unstained by intellectual complications, music of sacred and secular origin woven together in a web of graceful crisscrossing each other with colourful gracefulness. The music certainly bubbles with joie de vivre, but the music doesn’t play itself, and the distinct attraction of this performance, throughout, is the way in which orchestral colour from the ensembles, as well as the piano texture is clearly defined and zestfully articulated on the rippling bell-like groove that underlines the opening Abakuá, for instance.” – Raul Da Gama

Sebastian Schunke and Los Muñequitos de Matanzas

“Schunke’s skills as a writer and musician deserve applause…”
– All About Jazz, New York, USA

“Schunke’s sound is as eclectic as it is unpredictible…”– China Daily, China

YouTube Playlist – Sebastian Schunke: Existential Intensities

About Sebastian Schunke

For more than 20 years, Sebastian Schunke has been an energetic part of the international jazz scene. Schunke is one of the young leading Jazz composers and pianists worldwide, based in Berlin. As a soloist and with his groups he always creates a fresh new sound, unifying the modern Berlin Jazz with Latin American elements. Sebastian unites jazz musicians of international renown, coming from a variety of cultures: Paquito D’Rivera, Antonio Sanchez, Pernell Saturnino, Nils Wogram, Dafnis Prieto, John Benitez, Yosvany Terry, Richie Flores, Alex Sipiagin and Pernell Saturnino have all been part of his group and contributed to his unique sound.

With eight international acclaimed CDs as a band leader and several tours to Asia, South America, Central America, Europe and the US – Schunke has achieved a distinguished name in the Jazz community. Sebastian is the first European Musician who has developed his own international acclaimed Euro Latin Style.

Sebastian Schunke “Berlin Brew”: Der tanzende Klang

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