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Pianist, Composer Sebastian Schunke Presents His New Album with Diego Pinera: “Elusive Beauty”



Pianist, Composer Sebastian Schunke

“I see Elusive Beauty as the first great work of what for me is a new aesthetic timescale and style of composition – as the birth of the fourth stream – my musical, aesthetic view of the symbiosis of Afro-Latin American Music and the New Music of the 21st century”
– Sebastian Schunke

“…that guy Sebastian Schunke is a very, very fine pianist-composer, he is very good”
– Paquito D’Rivera, 10 time Grammy Award winner, USA

“Schunke’s sound is as eclectic as it is unpredictable” – China Daily/China

“The Music is complex, sophisticated and superbly crafted” – Allaboutjazz/New York

“A great vision of how Latin Jazz is going to sound in the future” –

“Mr. Schunke has created one of the most compelling musical suites in recent memory” –

Sebastian Schunke and Diego Pinera – About Elusive Beauty

What is beauty? Artists and scientists have been tormenting themselves with this question throughout the ages. Is it regularity? Naturalness? Perfection? Pianist and composer Sebastian Schunke finds an answer on his seventh album, Elusive Beauty, an answer that corresponds quite closely to the findings made by researchers into attractiveness (slight asymmetries make faces appear more attractive) – and which agrees even more with what Goethe once wrote: “Perfection is there when the necessary has been achieved, beauty when the necessary has been achieved, but is hidden.” Read More

Album cover - Sebastian Schunke | Diego Pinera: Elusive Beauty
Album cover – Sebastian Schunke | Diego Pinera: Elusive Beauty

Sebastian Schunke and Diego Pinera: Elusive Beauty – Album Review

The album Elusive Beauty by Sebastian Schunke and Diego Pinera – together with reedsmeister Benjamin Weidekamp, violist Yodfat Miron and cellist Boram Lie – takes music into a dimension that is both ethereal and otherworldly as well as penetrating the known world of sound deeply. In fact Mr Schunke in his short essay on the music of this album makes a case for what he calls fourth stream. Whether or not one is comfortable with another epithet to describe the progress of Latin-Jazz with an infusion of new European ideas, Mr Schunke’s music rhythmically entwined with Diego Pinera’s drums and percussion colouring seems to support the argument once made by Antonio Carlos Jobim that “popular and serious music should not be construed as two separate and distinct turfs especially when good pop (he was referring, of course to Jazz and Bossa Nova) is innovative and meets high musical standards it not only does it survive, but tends to be assimilated in the classical music of our time.” Read Full Review

Sebastian Schunke – piano, compositions; Diego Pinera – drums, percussion.
Guest appearance: Boram Lie – Cello; Benjamin Weidekamp – bass clarinet; Yodfat Miron – viola.

Sebastian Schunke – Artist Profile

For 15 years, Sebastian Schunke has been an energetic part of the international jazz scene. Schunke is one of the young leading Jazz composers and pianists worldwide, based in Berlin. As a soloist and with his groups he always creates a fresh new sound, unifying the modern Berlin Jazz with Latin American elements. Sebastian unites jazz musicians of international renown, coming from a variety of cultures: Paquito D’Rivera, Antonio Sánchez, Nils Wogram, Dafnis Prieto, John Benitez, Yosvany Terry, Richie Flores, Alex Sipiagin and Pernell Saturnino have all been part of his group and contributed to his unique sound… Read Complete Artist Profile

Upcoming Concerts – Germany, China, Italy, Cuba

  • Nov 13, 2018: Jazzfederation at Stage Club, Hamburg, Germany
  • Nov 24, 2018: Jazzclub B-flat, Berlin, Germany
  • Dec 1-4, 2018: Xinghai International Jazzfestival, Xinghai Concert Hall, China
  • Dec 6, 2018: Concervatirio S Cecilia, Rome, Italy
  • Dec 14, 2018: Zig Zag International Jazzclub, Berlin, Germany
  • Jan 11-19, 2019: Cuba Concerts
  • Jan 21-23, 2019: Fribourg, Germany

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Record Label: Connector
Publisher: Termidor Musikverlag
Release Date: October 2018

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Estrella Acosta Releases ‘Noche Cubana’ · An Album of Traditional Cuban Songs



Cuban Vocalist Estrella Acosta

Noche Cubana from Cuban vocalist Estrella Acosta is a tribute to her motherland and its great troubadours.

“Estrella Acosta not only pays tribute to her roots on this project. Recorded in a very intimate setting, and certainly in very good company, this is a small ensemble giving an inspired performance. At the same time traditional, modern and elegant, this timeless music will take you back in time and space, but may also create some bright moments in the present.”
– Danilo Navas – Latin Jazz Network, Canada

“After spending a while in the land of Latin jazz, it felt like the right time to return to my Cuban music roots, like in the year 2000 with the album and tour Alma Guajira – Cuban Country Songs. The perfect occasion for this was when I reunited in 2019 at the Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam with two of the main players in that swinging band, tres guitarist Carlitos Irarragorri and bassist Pedro Luis Pardo. Luckily, Carlitos, who was visiting Europe from Trinidad, Cuba, could join us for a wonderful concert and stay a couple of extra days. This happy reunion felt so good that we decided to record the music. Pedro Luis has been playing tres guitar in the past years next to his grooving bass. What could better mark a happy return to the countryside than the sound of not one, but two tres guitars! Then there is the swing of master percussionist Gerardo Rosales, and not only my vocals, but also those of Pedro Luis and Carlitos… We are happy to share the result with you: a new album of traditional Cuban songs, Noche Cubana,  made with lots of sabor y amor! We are so grateful to be able to present this work, so dear to our heart, for it has brought us joy and hope during these challenging times. We hope it also brings you joy!”
– Estrella Acosta

Noche Cubana is now available in all digital stores.


Cuban vocalist Estrella Acosta is one of the most versatile Latin American singers living in Europe. Though Estrella has never stopped singing the folk songs of her motherland, she is equally at home embracing various Brazilian and jazz idioms. With her warm earthy voice she creates an energetic yet intimate and personal style, rooted in the sounds of her native Cuba.

“Estrella Acosta is one of the most versatile Antillean singers of our times.” – Luis Tamargo

“Estrella with her extraordinary contralto… is quite the star in the manner of her expression, her diction and manner in which she delivers on character, gesture and narrative… sings with fervor and soul.” – Raul Da Gama – Latin Jazz Network, Canada

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