Women’s Voices · Episode One

Today, more than ever, women’s professional contributions to all aspects of our lives are extremely important. Women’s Voices is a playlist that showcases music created by wonderful artists, recognizing and celebrating their vision in the artistic, cultural and social fields. On this first episode we feature the following artists: Flora Purim, Ana Carla Maza, Claudia Acuña and Roxana Amed.

  • Track 1: “Dandara” – Flora Purim – From the album If You Will (2022)
  • Track 2: “Miriam Valdés” – Ana Carla Maza – From the album Bahía (2022)
  • Track 3: “Piensa en Mí” – Claudia Acuña, Arturo O’Farrill – From the album DUO (2022)
  • Track 4: “Flamenco Sketches” – Roxana Amed feat. Niño Josele – From the album Unánime (2022)
  • Track 5: “If You Will” – Flora Purim – From the album If You Will (2022)
  • Track 6: “A Tomar Café” – Ana Carla Maza – From the album Bahía (2022)
  • Track 7: “Júrame” – Claudia Acuña, Fred Hersch – From the album DUO (2022)
  • Track 8: “Dos Tribus” – Roxana Amed feat. Martin Bejerano – From the album Unánime (2022)
  • Track 9: “This is Me” – Flora Purim – From the album If You Will (2022)
  • Track 10: “Astor Piazzolla” – Ana Carla Maza – From the album Bahía (2022)
  • Track 11: “Verdad Amarga” – Claudia Acuña, Russell Malone – From the album DUO (2022)
  • Track 12: “Los Tres Golpes” – Roxana Amed feat. Chucho Valdés – From the album Unánime (2022)
  • Track 13: “Newspaper Girl” – Flora Purim – From the album If You Will (2022)
  • Track 14: “Bahía” – Ana Carla Maza – From the album Bahía (2022)
  • Track 15: “Eclipse de Luna” – Claudia Acuña, Christian McBride – From the album DUO (2022)
  • Track 16: “Nostalgia Andina” – Roxana Amed feat. Linda Briceño – From the album Unánime (2022)

Flora Purim: If You Will

One of the all-time greats of Brazilian jazz fusion, Flora Purim returns with her first studio album in over 15 years, If You Will. Conceived as a celebration of her music and collaborations, the album explores new compositions alongside fresh versions of Flora’s favourite personal songs and positive lyrics from across her varied career. A family affair recorded primarily in Curitiba and Sao Paulo, If You Will brings together many of Flora’s closest circle of musicians including Airto Moreira, guitarist José Neto, her daughter Diana Purim on vocals and percussionist Celso Alberti.

One of the all-time greats of Brazilian jazz fusion, Flora Purim
One of the all-time greats of Brazilian jazz fusion, Flora Purim – Photo by Victor Kobayashi

Ana Carla Maza: Bahia

Cellist, vocalist and composer Ana Carla Maza released Bahía last February 2022. Bahía is a beautiful mix of classical cello and vocals, drawing on Cuban son, samba, bossa nova, tango, jazz and chanson. It opens with ‘Habana’, where she was born 26 years ago to a musical family – her father acclaimed Chilean pianist Carlos Maza and her mother Cuban guitarist Mirza Sierra. The tittle track ‘Bahia’, is an ode to the district in Havana where she spent her childhood and built her memories, translating the crazy sensation of Cuba into her music. The album travels through Latin America – ‘Huayno’ is based on a Quechua rhythm and dance from Peru, ‘Todo Irá Bien’ (‘Everything will be fine’), written during lockdown, draws on Cuban son and ‘Astor Piazzolla’ on tango, which she composed originally for a quartet in celebration of the centenary of the Argentinian composer.

Cellist, vocalist and composer Ana Carla Maza
Cellist, vocalist and composer Ana Carla Maza

Claudia Acuña: DUO

Reflection and re-dedication are steady themes in the life and work of Claudia Acuña. As 2020 rocked the world we all experienced our own version of such a journey, asking ourselves important questions of intent and purpose. Claudia returned to a long time desire – to record a duets album of songs from her homeland, Chile. As the world slowed to a crawl, Acuña took this time to remember the past, to find the core of her dedication and the power of music. The result is DUO, 9 songs recorded with some of the finest musicians in the world. Entering the studio with the likes of Fred Hersch, Christian Mcbride, and Kenny Barron for an intimate recording put her in a vulnerable spot, but the ease and comfort of the experience set the tone. The simplicity of just two, feeling the music and letting it flow through them, brought her to a new place as a singer.

Chilean jazz vocalist Claudia Acuña
Chilean jazz vocalist Claudia Acuña

Roxana Amed: Unánime

Roxana Amed is an Argentine-American jazz artist born in Buenos Aires. She is a dusky, virtuosic singer songwriter whose music blends South American folk traditions with sophisticated rock and post-bop jazz. Award-winning vocalist, songwriter, producer, and educator, Amed is considered by colleagues, audiences and critics as one of the most important voices in South American music. n 2021, she released Ontology, which featured her group with pianist Martin Bejerano and found her interpreting songs by Wayne ShorterAlberto GinasteraMiles Davis, and own repertoire. On September 16th, 2022, she released Unánime, an album dedicated to Latin Jazz from a different perspective with collaborations by Chucho ValdésPedro AznarNiño JoseleChico Pinheiro, among others.

Argentine-American jazz artist, Roxana Amed
Argentine-American jazz artist, Roxana Amed
Danilo Navas
Danilo Navas
Founder, Editor, Webmaster: Latin Jazz Network, World Music Report, Toronto Music Report. A passionate and committed communicator with a sensibility for the arts based in Toronto, Canada.

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